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The 5 Best Harris Teeter Cakes

It doesn't have to be your birthday to enjoy a rich and delicious piece of cake! There is nothing better than indulging in something sweet every now and then - but you have to do it right. If you've ever had the pleasure of eating a Harris Teeter cake you will know exactly what we are talking about. (Haven't you shopped at Harris Teeter? It's a hugely popular grocery chain in the Southeast.) These guys really go the extra mile when it comes to making a dessert that is absolutely memorable. Here are five of our favorites:

Carrot four-layer cake

This is a great way to get one of five meals a day! The carrot four-layer cake makes eating vegetables a lot more fun than you ever thought possible. (These recipes also secretly contain a lot of vegetables.) In addition, the cake is a real feast for the eyes, with cream cheese glaze and even a few delightful carrot decorations to round it off.

Enough about the looks, how does this Harris Teeter cake taste? In a word, you could say it is “delicious”. As fresh as it is sweet, this particular dessert is one that we keep coming back to.

Sinfully Chocolate Ganache Triple Layer Cake

Chocolate lovers, take note. There's a Harris Teeter Cake out there that is almost too rich and delicious to be true. Yes, we're talking about the Sinfully Chocolate Ganache Triple Layer Cake.

This is exactly what it says on the box - a sweet treat that's so sinfully good that it just has to be a sin. With the wettest of all chocolate cake layers, a chocolate buttercream filling and a deep dark chocolate ganache, there is a whole lot to love here.

Celebration Four Layer Cake

Nothing says "celebration" like four layers of colorful biscuit. With its yellow, blue, pink and green layers, the Celebration Four Layer Cake is a real feast for the eyes. Once you cut them open for your party, the colors pop out for everyone!

As if that weren't enough, the delicious dessert is topped with a tempting buttercream icing. Whether you are planning a birthday party or some other celebration, this could be the way to go!

Assorted Variety Four Layer Cake

Some people know exactly what they want and when they want it. Others are less decisive, at least when it comes to dessert. If you happen to fall into the last category, we have very good news for you. The Assorted Variety Four Layer Cake is here, and it's exactly what you need!

The dessert consists of equal parts red velvet cake, yellow cake, decadent fudge cake, and house-style carrot cake. In other words, you will have every possible type of cake rolled into one so that all of your cravings are covered. What could be better than that?

Double Fudge Four Layer Cake

How Much Caramel Can You Take? The Double Fudge Four Layer Cake is filled with the chocolatiest of all whipped toppings, and that's just the beginning. This delicious treat also has a rich fudge frosting that will make you want to keep asking for more ... and more. To complete the look, there are the large, chocolatey curls on top of the cake. We are impressed! (This is perfect for unexpected guests, along with those quick dinners.)

Eating a freshly baked cake is always a great experience, whether you're celebrating a special occasion or leaning back on the couch. We'd say homemade is always best, but Harris Teeter could be a close second!

Classic Cakes Made from Scratch
Taste of Home

Classic Chocolate Cake

If you're looking to learn how to make chocolate cake from scratch, this easy homemade chocolate cake recipe is a perfect place to start. It appeared on a can of Hershey's cocoa back in 1943. I tried it, my boys liked it, and I've been doing it again and again since then. -Betty Follas, Morgan Hill, California

Taste of Home

Skillet Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

For some variety, you can replace the pineapple with fresh or frozen peach slices in this old-fashioned recipe. -Bernardine Melton, Paola, Kansas

Cinnamon coffee cake

I love the great texture of this easy coffee cake recipe. Its pleasant vanilla flavor, enriched with sour cream, may remind you of breakfast at your grandmother's! Do it the night before a holiday to save time in the morning. -Eleanor Harris, Cape Coral, Florida

Lemon Pound Cake Loaves

My family always asks for this lovingly tender lemon cake. Sometimes I also make muffins out of the batter. So great for a brunch! -Lola Baxter, Winnebago, Minnesota

Taste of Home

Chocolate Chiffon Cake

If you want to offer your family and friends a dessert that really stands out from the crowd, this is the cake. Nice high layers of rich sponge cake are drizzled with a juicy chocolate icing. -Erma Fox, Memphis, Missouri

Taste of Home

Yellow cake with buttercream glaze

This is a classic do-it-yourself cake. The homemade butter icing and the crispy, sugared edges make it something very special. Aria Thornton, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Taste of Home

Rich Rum Cake

We like a dash of rum for the holidays, and this orange rum cake is decadent on its own or with large sloshes of whipped cream. -Nancy Heishman, Las Vegas, Nevada

Taste of Home

Classic Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches means "three milks". This cake gets its name because it uses three types of milk - condensed milk, condensed milk, and cream. The light and airy texture of this cake has made it a classic in Mexican cuisine for generations. -Taste of Home Test Kitchen

carrot cake

My family's best carrot cake recipe goes back to my great grandmother! For special occasions we always bake a few of these carrot cakes so that there is always enough of them. You'll love the texture that pineapple, coconut, and of course, carrots add to this pretty, moist treat! -Debbie Terenzini-Wilkerson, Lusby, Maryland

Grandma’s Red Velvet Cake

It's just not Christmas in our house until this festive cake appears. This one is different from other red velvet cakes I've eaten before; the glaze is as light as snow. -Kathryn Davison, Charlotte, North Carolina

Blue ribbon butter cake

I found this butter cake recipe in an old cookbook I bought at a flea market and couldn't wait to try it out. I knew it had been someone's favorite recipe because the page was well worn. -Joan Gertz, Palmetto, Florida

Taste of Home

Mama’s Spice Cake

Whenever I feel like a yummy old-fashioned treat, I make this cake. My family's great cooks have baked it for generations, and their families enjoy the wonderful flavor and rich glaze.-Nancy Duty, Jacksonville, Florida

Sour Cream Pound Cake

Since I'm the postmaster of our city, I can only bake in my free time. When I do, I especially like this sour cream cake recipe. It tastes pure or with ice cream and chocolate syrup like an ice cream sundae with hot caramel! -Karen Conrad, East Troy, Wisconsin

Taste of Home

Marvelous Marble Cake

Pound cake and chocolate make the best marble cake. - Ellen Riley, Birmingham, Alabama

Black Forest chocolate cake

If you want to pull out all the stops for a dessert that says "wow", look no further. This cherry-topped beauty - stacked layers of chocolate cake and cream filling - will get everyone talking. -Doris Grotz, York, Nebraska

Hummingbird cake

This impressive hummingbird cake is my dad's favorite cake, so I always make it for his birthday. It is a memorable dessert for any celebration and goes wonderfully with a summer dish. -Nancy Zimmerman, Cape May Court House, New Jersey

Taste of Home

Granny's Gingerbread Cake with Caramel Sauce

The rich molasses and spice flavor of this old-fashioned dessert is complemented by a buttery caramel sauce.-Joy Sparks, Muskegon, Michigan

Lemon Chiffon Cake

This juicy, fluffy lemon chiffon cake was my dad's favorite food. My mother redesigned the original recipe and added lemons. I'm not a big baker, but whenever I make this dessert my family is delighted! -Trisha Kammers, Clarkston, Washington

Taste of Home

Grandma’s Carrot Cake

My grandma was very special to me. She had a large country kitchen that was full of wonderful flavors every time we visited. This was one of their cherished cake recipes, and it remains a favorite from generation to generation. -Denise Strasz, Detroit, Michigan

Taste of Home

Moist chocolate cake

This chocolate cake recipe with coffee reminds me of my grandmother because it was one of her specialties. I often bake it for family celebrations and it always brings back fond memories. The cake is light and airy with a delicious chocolate flavor. This recipe should be kept! -Patricia Kreitz, Richland, Pennsylvania

Upside-Down Fruitcake

I'm sick of people talking badly about the fruit cake. It's one of my favorite cakes and I look forward to it every year. This year I decided to pair it with everyone's favorite cake, the upside-down cake. Try to say no to this fruit cake; i challenge you! James Schend, Associate Editor, Taste of Home

Taste of Home

Butter pecan cake

My husband has a sweet tooth and I enjoy making great desserts like this cake for him! We have two farms - both of which are wonderful - but I also love being in the kitchen. I collect cookbooks and have written one myself.

Taste of Home

Confetti cake with brown sugar buttercream

This simple and delicate cake has been celebrated in my family for years. Spiced up with colored icing and confetti, it becomes pure party fun. - Karen Berner, New Canaan, Connecticut

Taste of Home

Vanilla Bean Angel Cake

An angel cake is the most popular template for fantastic desserts. Serve with a simple glaze or top with fresh fruit, chocolate sauce or nutty sprinkles. -Leah Rekau, Milwaukee, Wisconsin