What are the negative effects of constipation

Constipation: When bowel movements become a problem

Symptoms of constipation

Constipation (medical: constipation) can cause very unpleasant symptoms. The following Constipation symptoms are possible:

  • stomach pain
  • Swollen abdomen
  • Bloating
  • Flatulence
  • Painful bowel movements
  • Heavy pressing in the toilet
  • Hard, lumpy stool
  • Does not feel completely emptied
  • Reduced appetite
  • General malaise

In addition to these classic symptoms of constipation are also further complaints possible. The great pressure on the rectum during bowel movements can e.g. B. lead to cracks in the rectum, anal tears or hemorrhoids.

Seek help quickly with these symptoms of constipation

You can usually treat simple constipation yourself, even without any constipation medication from the pharmacy. However, you should in the following cases seek medical help:

  • If you are constipated frequently.
  • If you also have severe abdominal pain.
  • If you also have fever, nausea or vomiting.
  • When you've lost a lot of weight despite being constipated.
  • If you see blood in your stool.

Danger: An acute constipation with severe abdominal pain, a bloated stomach, nausea and vomiting can result in a Intestinal obstruction stuck! This is life-threatening and must be treated immediately. If you suspect an intestinal obstruction, you should call the emergency doctor immediately.

Causes of constipation

Constipation symptoms occur when the intestinal contents, consisting of food and bacteria, Took too long to get through the colon to the rectum. The longer this process lasts, the more water is withdrawn from the intestinal contents. This makes the stool dry and hard, making it even more difficult to evacuate.

Common causes of constipation are one Lack of fluid or too little physical activity. The bowel movement is also very strongly influenced by the diet: A Lack of fiber often causes constipation. Also unfamiliar foods can cause constipation - this phenomenon often occurs on vacation.

There are also a few Medicationwhich can lead to sluggish bowel movements. These include B. cough medication, iron tablets, antidepressants, strong pain relievers and some anxiolytics, so drugs to reduce anxiety.

Finally you can too more serious illnesses are behind constipation, for example disorders of the metabolism, hormone or electrolyte balance. Last but not least, it can be with one pregnancy or just before the Menstruation become constipated.

Diagnosing constipation

The doctor will take you ask first: How often do you have a bowel movement? Is the bowel movement complete? What is the texture of the chair? On this basis, he can usually determine constipation. A Stool examination, one Colonoscopy or others, more invasive tests are additionally arranged as necessary to determine the cause of the constipation.

You can do this yourself if you are constipated

Of course, a blockage can be resolved with medication. In most cases, however, constipation can be countered with much gentler methods. The following will help preventive against constipation:

  • Eat foods rich in fiber
  • Eat in peace and chew well
  • Drink a lot, e.g. B. an extra glass of water with every meal
  • Be active and do sports
  • If you have a bowel movement, go to the toilet immediately

Diet in particular has a huge impact on digestion. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables increase the volume of the intestinal contents and bind a lot of water, which makes it easier to transport stool. So you should too drink a lot. When constipated are particularly suitable Plums and figs as food - they have a laxative effect.

Therapy options for constipation

If the constipation is caused by a disease such as diabetes or an underactive thyroid, this must be diagnosed and treated in a targeted manner. Drugs for constipation are available over the counter at the pharmacy, e. B. as Tablets, drops, suppositories or mini enemas. There are also pain reliever ointments for the rectal opening. Constipation medications should always be used with caution as they can have critical side effects such as electrolyte loss.

Constipation in children

Constipation occurs in children quite often on. It is expressed, for example, in the form of stomach pain. Constipation in children should be clarified by a doctor. Medicines for constipation, including herbal supplements, should also be given in consultation with a doctor. Otherwise, a healthy, high-fiber diet, sufficient fluids and plenty of exercise help many children, as well as adults, against the symptoms of constipation.

Here's how Kry can help with constipation

Are you constipated? The doctor will ask you the right questions about the Getting to the bottom of the causes of your constipation symptoms. If necessary, he will give you one suitable drug prescribe for constipation. He can do you too refer to a specialist, for example for further tests.

Of course, you can also contact a doctor via KRY who will deal with Constipation in children knows. If your child is experiencing constipation symptoms, they need to be there for the video interview.

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