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Newspack: Google and Wordpress are working together on a CMS

Cooperation: Google and Automattic develop the "Newspack" editorial system.

Have you already worked with a so-called "Content Management System", or CMS for short? These editorial systems are used to prepare content such as texts, images, videos or even audio files. For example, this article came to COMPUTER BILD via a CMS. The problem: There are numerous systems and many of them are also quite complicated. Google and Automattic are now declaring war on this problem.

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Newspack: CMS will be released in 2019

Among other things, Automattic is responsible for the hugely popular Wordpress blog service. The company is now developing the "Newspack" editorial system together with the search engine giant Google, which is aimed primarily at smaller editorial offices. With Newspack, journalists should be able to install articles faster, safer and more cost-effectively - and without having to worry about the technical implementation. According to the media report, Google is funding the project with 1.2 million US dollars (about 1.05 million euros), the Lenfest Institute for Journalism, the Knight Foundation and Civil Medialegen a further million (almost 873,000 euros) on top. The beta for the project will start at the end of July 2019, and publication is planned for this year.