How physically fit are special forces soldiers

If you have a general interest in how the Special Forces soldiers train, or if you really intend to join this elite group, you definitely need to know Basic perseverance feature. The most important thing of all. Because if you run out of breath on a leisurely 5km run, you don't even need to think about being one of the best. Specifically, this means for you: run, run, run. At first it doesn't matter to exhaust yourself completely in a short distance. It is much better if you can jog 15 to 20 km in a row without decomposing into your components.

Of course, this is also a route for advanced skiers. So nobody expects you to do this when you're just starting out. But if you want to go to the KSK or at least want to be on their training level, then you have to bite.

The hardening of your mind must also be part of the KSK training plan!

In addition to a certain basic level of fitness, you should not only have your body but also your mind fully under control. Because the worst fight is waged with oneself during Hell Week (the KSK selection process). Many tasks that a commando soldier have to fulfill are sometimes dull, sometimes brutally demanding and at the same time incredibly monotonous. Because under real operating conditions, everything is demanded of the Calw comrades. March hundreds of kilometers - at 40 degrees in the shade! Should happen before. The elite soldiers only manage this because they have their minds under control. Hard, harder, KSK! It is not for nothing that the troop's motto is FACIT OMNIA VOLUNTAS - the will decides.

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KSK training plan for download

The good thing about the Kommando Fit training plan is the fact that they are e-books. So you can easily download it and read it on your mobile phone, tablet, e-book reader or even laptop.
And quite clearly: printing is also possible. You even should! Because the books contain tables with which you can easily fill in your training results!