How can i be mean

How can you be so mean?

For 2.5 years I endured his outbursts of anger and breaks off. I let him live with me despite high debts and hardship, simply because I loved him. accepted the fact that he called hotlines or sat in front of the i-net during the time he was withdrawn ... and now he just leaves, breaks a fight in front of the fence and blames me for it? First it was because I didn't approve of his choice of words and he said he was reacting and now he's writing to me today that I made him do it because I celebrated 4 months ago? I didn't have anything with anyone, just flirted. he wasn't there, I told him because I didn't have any ulterior motives. and now he's using it against me? if it's so massive for him, then why did he come back at all and said at that point would be no problem. why does he talk about a future together for 4 months, look at houses with me, go on vacation? does my child call his daughter?
how mean can you be ?! for his failure blame me? that's knocking the floor out from under my feet. I am shocked. not that the abort is hell again, but still like that? I keep telling myself, I'm not to blame, tried my best and yet he just made it that I doubt myself.
my god, why are people like that? why do you tell about love to leave 3 hours later and nothing more than to pour accusations over you days later? I can not anymore.......

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