How do you market a social product

How to successfully promote a new product launch

If you are planning a new product launch, you need to have a successful strategy for the planned launch.

Nothing is worse than wasting valuable time planning a new product launch that backfires.

This is frustrating, but it happens frighteningly often.

According to the entrepreneur, 72 percent of new products fail to meet the sales targets.

While this is often due to unexpected factors and market fluctuations, most entrepreneurs simply do not take enough time to properly plan their new product launches.

In this article, I'll cover the best new product launch strategies to make your launch a success.

You can use the techniques presented here to attract even more loyal customers.

But first I want to study one particularly important lesson. I want to go into the planning.

How to plan a product launch

Every company needs to have a well-thought-out new product launch plan in place to adapt their products to the so-called Early adopters (English forearly adopters) for sale.

You should be aware that such a launch takes a lot of time and takes a lot of work.

Sometimes bringing the product to market takes even more energy and resources than product development. But that's not a problem because a successful product launch is essential if the new product is to be successful.

Unbounce says you first need to understand the scope of your product.

You have to give enough thought to the marketing strategy and the necessary resources and the period of time in order to be able to implement your strategy successfully.

You can then work out details and create a calendar to implement all the necessary steps in a timely manner.

Without a solid strategy, your new product launch is doomed to fail. Here are the best strategies to successfully promote your product launch.

Find interested parties even before the product is launched

Very few products are successful without the support of loyal fans promoting the product.

You should win as many loyal fans as possible early on to ensure your success.

You can tackle this before the new product is launched.

Bring thought leaders on board as quickly as possible

One of the most effective and affordable methods of promoting products is word of mouth from well-known influencers.

Of course you need a flawless product for this, but if you do everything right, you can successfully launch your new product this way.

You have to provide the online influencers with all the important information in advance and, if possible, send them product samples to convince them of your product.

You should collect testimonials and use them later to promote your product.

To make this strategy even more successful, you can also consider an affiliate program.

This way you can attract even more buyers for your new product.

Promote products with influencer marketing.

Although this strategy is not free, it is a good alternative if you do not yet have the necessary contacts to influencers in your industry.

You can pay well-known influencers to promote your products.

To promote their new coffee, Nitro Cold Brew has partnered with Califia Farms and the Gravy Train brand.

This strategy works better than traditional marketing methods because it allows you to get faster results.

Make new contacts at trade fairs and conferences.

If you want to advertise your new offer at an early stage, you should present your product at trade fairs and conferences.

You don't even need a booth for that. You can just make new contacts and then send them more information later.

And since we're on the subject, you should definitely rely on email marketing.

Compile an email list as early as possible.

One of the most important steps in promoting new products is building an email list of prospect contact information.

This list doesn't have to consist of buyers. You can also fill in the contact information of fans and friends who have shown interest in your product.

You should definitely make a list.

Then, when the product finally launches, you can put in place an effective email marketing campaign to attract these early adopters as customers.

Make curious

The most successful marketing campaigns make customers curious about more.

This strategy is ideally suited to motivating customers. You can arouse the curiosity of potential customers at an early stage without revealing too much.

I will now show you how it works.

Make anticipation for your product.

When Microsoft introduced the Lumia phone a few years ago, they didn't issue a huge press release.

Instead, the company simply published a few detailed images of the new product to arouse the curiosity of potential customers.

In the advertisement, only a corner of the cell phone and the date “11/11/2014” could be seen.

In this way, the interest and anticipation of the potential customers could be fueled without giving too much away.

Allow a glimpse behind the scenes.

When Nixon Bui launches a new collection, the designer always shares pictures of the new collection before the pieces are put up for sale.

With a look behind the scenes, you can introduce your new product without revealing too much.

Distribute exclusive invitations to selected customers.

When launching new products, many large companies initially offer selected customers an exclusive invitation.

This strategy does not fit every product, but it should still be considered. Spotify has achieved great success with it, says First

You can make a customer feel special if you give them the opportunity to invite friends and family.

Promote products with content

Content marketing is ideally suited for acquiring new customers, but it can also be used for new product launches.

Content marketing is often the best choice for launching new products and you can use different strategies.

Now I'll show you a few strategies that work particularly well.

Publish guest posts on other websites.

If one of your articles is published on another website, you can win new prospects for your products and establish yourself as a provider of valuable information.

You have to refer from the article to the landing page of your product in order to use this strategy successfully.

Use images in the marketing campaign.

If you advertise your product on social media (I'll go into that in a moment), you should share posts with images and photos.

According to, this strategy is particularly suitable because 17 percent of users can be better convinced with images.

For this reason, you should always include pictures in your blog posts and the content on social networks. Infographics are particularly suitable for this.

Create and share a good infographic.

Infographics are images that clearly display data and facts and are attractively designed. Infographics are a great way to promote new products.

According to Social Media Today, 41.5% of marketers say infographics and original images work best.

You can successfully promote the launch of your product with just one infographic.

Appear as a guest on a podcast.

This strategy is very similar to guest posting. You should definitely appear as a guest on a podcast.

But you shouldn't limit yourself to the biggest podcasts. Many small podcasts have the perfect target group that suits your company and your products much better.

You have to find a target audience that is interested in your new product and then tell a compelling story to attract those customers to your business.

Make an event

Events are very suitable for promoting products.

Now I'm going to show you how to turn your product launch into a real event that people are talking about on social media and reporting on the news.

Find reporters on HARO

If you are not yet using the Help a Reporter Out website (also known as HARO), you should do so now.

You can have quotes and story requests sent to you three times a day. Whom you provide a reporter with helpful information, he will mention you in his report.

That way, you can make people aware of your new product and get it in the traditional media.

Set and share milestones.

Milestones can be used to advertise your product.

You can announce milestones and place them in the appropriate places so that users can share this information.

You can announce product models, the finished product, the first 1,000 customers, or further milestones in order to promote the new product.

Send out a press release.

HARO is free, but you shouldn't forget the good old press release.

Entrepreneur says you should send out press releases about your new product.

You should prepare this information at an early stage so that you can send it out in good time before the market launch without much effort.

Create viral content

There's a good reason many large corporations are posting new products on social media. According to Unbounce, social media is a particularly good way of reaching out to potential customers.

I've seen a lot of viral sensations. If you work hard, your product can become a viral sensation too.

How to do that, I'll show you now.

Create a quiz.

Quizzes are especially popular. You can create a quiz about your product to get the word out.

You can use Woobox for this.

You can create a personality quiz to suggest users the perfect product for their needs based on their results.

Offer an online game.

If you want to really get down to it, you can have an online game programmed for your new product.

When the band Coldplay released their new albumGhost stories she promoted it with a social media game.

You don't have to run a huge scavenger hunt, but you could offer a simple game to get people to see your product.

Organize competitions and give away products.

If you want to promote a new product, you can simply hold a competition.

You can award very simple prizes, preferably your own product. Participants like to share your competition with their friends to improve their chances of winning.

Use a branded hashtag.

If you want to promote your new product on Twitter or Instagram, you should use a so-called. branded hashtag to use.

This strategy is great for making users aware of your product so that they can tell their friends about it.

When Ben & Jerry’s introduced a new flavor, they used the hashtag #benjerryflavor to promote the new ice cream and the associated competition.

Use user-generated content to promote your product.

User-generated content is often shared and is therefore ideally suited to promote a product.

To promote the new season of Game of Thrones, the GOT team created a new filter that will allow fans of the show to transform themselves into white walkers.

Create a landing page that people love to share.

Ultimately, you want to attract new visitors to your landing page. Ideally, these visitors will share your landing page with their friends.

To ensure this, you need to create a compelling landing page that invites you to share.

When Muzzle launched a new product, the company created a landing page where users could generate embarrassing status messages and share them with their friends.

The site was so much fun for users that they shared the landing page with their friends. This is how the new product was advertised.

Use referral marketing.

You can attract new fans who will share your product with their friends by running a referral campaign.

These new users are happy to accept your offer because it was recommended by a good friend.

However, such campaigns are difficult to implement and manage manually. You should use a program like Prefinery for this.

The anticipation of your product

Let's be honest, anticipation is the best joy.

You can improve your product's chances of success by fueling anticipation for your new product. To do this, you should use carefully selected strategies so that potential customers can look forward to your new product as early as possible.

It works like this:

Accept pre-orders.

If you're selling a physical product, be sure to take pre-orders before it's launch.

In this way you can stir up the anticipation of your customers and drive sales figures up even before the market launch.

Author Gretchen Rubin is taking pre-orders for her new bookThe Four Tendencies and in this way already sells many books before they hit the stores.

Create a waiting list.

People always want what they can't have. You can guarantee a successful market launch by adding a touch of exclusivity to your new product.

When Tony Polecastro (known as Tony’s Acoustic Challenge) started offering new guitar lessons, he simply created a waiting list.

In this way, he was able to prevent uncontrolled new registrations and interested customers were looking forward to the new program.

Introduce a beta version.

If you are developing a software product, you should consider a beta version.

The test group can put your new product through its paces before the official market launch. This way you can quickly identify and fix bugs and other errors.

In addition, you can use the beta version to make your product appear more exclusive and to arouse customers' curiosity.

So you can create anticipation for the soon-to-be-finished full version. HubSpot is making use of this strategy and is promoting the beta version in a new marketing campaign.

The countdown to market launch.

As the deadline approaches, you need to constantly remind your customers of the new product so that they will buy it as soon as it becomes available.

You should use a countdown for this, because this way you can remind potential customers of your new product in a subtle way.

Kendall Jenner ran a countdown campaign for the new Mango collection and announced the new pieces even before the official sale.

Present the product

When the market launch is finally around the corner, you have to advertise the new product on all channels.

There are many channels available to you for this, but according to Five by Five, social media is particularly suitable with a combination of special offers and an email campaign.

Now I'll show you how to prepare a great product presentation to promote your product long after the launch.

Use content marketing to explain your product.

I already mentioned that you can arouse the curiosity of potential customers with content marketing, but you also have to go into the functions of your product and explain how to use it.

With this brand content you can attract new prospects and at the same time explain the advantages of your product.

Pardot Marketing says that this is a great way to generate interest in your product. You can engage potential buyers and address their needs so that they can see the need for your product and trust you.

You should use all of the methods outlined above to sell more.

Make the problem very clear.

If the customer doesn't know they need your product, then they won't buy it either.

When Microsoft introduced the Seeing AI product, it created a compelling product video that shows exactly what problems the product can solve.

The video shows how the product helps people with visual impairment and that is much more effective than explaining product functions.

Give away product samples and trial versions.

While this strategy is not suitable for every product, it can be used to gain momentum.

Mixpanel has successfully implemented this strategy and received better customer ratings than my own company, Kissmetrics. The company created a similar product and then offered a free version that is very popular.

Highlight the benefits of your product, not its functions.

When launched the new Analytics app and wanted to gain new subscribers, it didn't show how the app worked.

The company showed how the app is changing the user's life.

You should always address the benefits for the user and not just show the technical aspects of product development.

Create an explanatory video.

If your product has a visual component, you can make an explanatory video that shows your product in action.

One of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns of all time is the Coolest Cooler campaign because it contained a great video that shows the functions of the cooler bag in action.

A video is a great way to explain all the functions of your new product and if the video is helpful and funny, people like to share it.

Promote the product on multiple channels at the same time.

You could promote your product on a single popular channel, but you can achieve better results if you use multiple channels to target different customer segments.

Pardot Marketing says that you can promote your product particularly successfully if you publish different content on different channels.

You can get the most out of your marketing strategy by using the right channel at the right time.


If you want to introduce a new product, you have to choose your launch strategy consciously.

If you're not careful, your otherwise great product may go unnoticed because you didn't bother with the advertising campaign.

That must be avoided at all costs.

You need to adequately plan and prepare your marketing strategy. You can use the strategies presented in this article to develop your own creative ideas for your new product launch.

You are free to try out your ideas and should test them extensively to determine the best advertising strategies.

Above all, you should focus on growth strategies and avoid strategies that do not bring the desired results.

With careful preparation, you can fuel the anticipation of your customers for the new product even before it is launched on the market.

How do you want to promote the launch of your new product?