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Which style suits me?

Do you worry yourself already in the evening the outfit for tomorrow? We here on the Fashion blog know this problem all too well. After long years of thinking back and forth and many a fashion glitch, we now have 9 fashion formulas found that you can use every day stylishly and appropriately dressed leaves the house. We'll tell you now what is important!

What will i wear tomorrow? 9 fashion formulas for every situation!

With the answer to the question "How do I dress properly?" you could have whole libraries of Fashion magazines and guides to fill. But even if you regularly leaf through fashion magazines and are always excited about the latest runway shows, you are often a little perplexed when it comes to your own wardrobe.

What will i wear tomorrow? With this dilemma, we often waste far too much of our valuable after-work time or rack our brains early in the morning. There must Outfit ideas for every day how we show you, among other things, in a separate category here on the blog! And those are those in which you really feel comfortable!

Because the inspirations from the glossy fashion magazines are beautiful, but mostly anything but suitable for everyday use. In the 9 fashion formulasThe one we are introducing to you today, however, is one stylish and self-confident on the go - no matter what the day brings!

How do I dress properly? That's why fashion formulas work!

The principle behind one Fashion formula is as simple as it is ingenious. Similar to sport, you put on a team, only that it's not about players, but about clothes acts. Only parts that together create a stylish look are included in the team. The question "How do I best combine my clothes?" Is answered once and for all.

Of course, the fact that you rely on fashion formulas in everyday life does not mean that you get the fashionable creativity is lost. On the contrary, because within one Outfit schemes it is all the easier to join Colors and cuts to experiment. Fashion formulas are therefore equally suitable for Minimalists as well as for everyone who Prints and colors love.

The best thing about the outfit ideas that we present to you today, however, is: They are the easiest way to find your own fashion style! If you try all 9 formulas once, the answer to the question "How do I style myself correctly?" Is not long in coming. You quickly notice which outfit you feel most comfortable in. You can then invest in this combination: Different patterns and fabrics ensure that the formula doesn't get boring in everyday life.

Fashion formulas - one should pay attention to this

Maybe you can already guess which tip comes next. But even if we preach it over and over again here on the fashion blog, it still has to be said again here: A look is only as good as the quality of its components.

This is especially true for fashion formulas! Because here come often Basics and timeless must-haves are used, which one sees twice as good workmanship and high-quality materials. So don't be afraid to invest in your favorite outfit scheme!

But now we finally come to the 9 fashion formulas - you are guaranteed with the following ideas for outfits always stylish on the go!

Which style suits me? 9 fashion formulas for every day!

1. (Basic) casual outfits with class:

The first look in our fashion style overview is easy perfect for everyday life. With a combination of jeans, basic shirt and cardigan you are stylish and comfortable on the go. The outfit is complemented by (platform) sneakers and a spacious shopper.

2. The casual-chic style for every day:

This outfit is a small one in a way chic upgrade to basic casual. This time the jeans are combined with a blouse, blazer or cardigan, pumps and a chic bag.

3. How it works with the sporty chic trend:

This look sets the Focus on the sneakers trend. Sports shoes are suitable for everyday use with boyfriend or mom jeans and a T-shirt, a nice leather jacket and crossbody bag provide the necessary “chic”.

4. The perfect French-Chic outfit:

We do the same to the French women and put our legs in the limelight with skinny jeans or tight leather pants and pointed pumps. The French chic look also includes a basic shirt, blazer, sunglasses and a matching bag.

5. If it should be classically elegant:

The trouser suit consisting of chic trousers and blazer leaves you with a loose blouse, pumps or loafers and a shoulder bag as well stylish and professional impression.

6. How to master the business chic dress code:

If you Show your best side in terms of fashion at work we can recommend a combination of pencil skirt, blouse, blazer, pointed sling pumps and business shopper.

7.Stay cool in the rock-chic style:

For those who can't get enough of the Rock chic trend black skinny jeans, studded boots, a (band) shirt and a leather jacket are the perfect everyday look. Of course, cool sunglasses shouldn't be missing either.

8. The epitome of the boho outfit:

The Bohemian-chic style lives from a maxi skirt with a print, a loose crochet top and boots or sandals. There is still a lot of golden jewelry as accessories, such as various necklaces and a bag with a fringe on top.

9. Romantic fashion style in everyday life:

If you're more than romantic style type you should definitely try this look: A light-colored dress, floral, with frills or lace, a pastel-colored denim jacket and flat shoes form the basis. There is also playful jewelry and a bag in delicate pastel.

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