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Strengths and weaknesses of the top 3 provider AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

For more than ten years, the cloud pioneer Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been the undisputed market leader in the global IaaS business. According to Gartner, this also applies to integrated offers made up of IaaS and PaaS components. In 2017, the subsidiary of the e-commerce giant Amazon generated sales of 17.5 billion dollars, almost 43 percent more than in the previous year.


With new services and various acquisitions, AWS continues to aggressively expand into new IT markets. The already extensive service portfolio is thus further enlarged. The provider is continuously expanding existing cloud services with additional features, particularly in the areas of management and integration. AWS customers include many organizations that use cloud resources strategically.

Many spend more than five million dollars a year on it, some even more than 100 million. Even if the offer does not perfectly cover every requirement, many decision-makers consider AWS the "safe choice" when it comes to cloud computing. From the perspective of Gartner analysts, AWS has the most mature service portfolio for enterprise scenarios.

This fits in with the large number of successfully completed customer projects and an extensive partner ecosystem. Not only customers who value innovations and pursue digitization projects therefore rely on the industry leader, as the augurs explain. AWS is also often the preferred provider for companies that want to migrate traditional data centers to a cloud IaaS environment.

When it comes to implementation, migration and management, more than 2000 consulting partners from the AWS environment help. Gartner sees another strength in the large ISV (Independent Software Vendor) ecosystem that AWS has built. No other cloud provider can keep up here.


According to the Gartner experts, Amazon's great strength, the extremely broad portfolio, can also be a disadvantage. In order to implement the various services, specialist knowledge is required that is by no means available in every company. It is relatively easy to get started quickly with just a few services. Optimal use, however, which also takes innovative services, best practices and the critical issue of cost management into account, could also overwhelm agile and highly qualified IT organizations. This applies not only to the customers themselves, but also to the growing number of AWS partners, especially less experienced managed service providers (MSP).

AWS users should also be aware that they can only exploit the full potential of cloud services if they are at least partially involved in a technology change. Gartner mentions the AWS hypervisor "Nitro", which is used for some new EC2 instances.