Men can wear tube jeans in women's size

Can men wear women's jeans?

I always have my problems when buying pants, I have difficulties finding the right jeans. It has happened to me a few times now that I found what I was looking for in the women's department. Can I also wear women's jeans as a man?

I've also been doing it this way for some time:
Wear men's size approx. 29/32 or 34, depending on how they turn out.
The selection is often very thin in the men's department.
I weigh about 63kg and am 176cm tall. In addition, there are relatively long legs.
For me, women's jeans just sit perfectly more often and are more comfortable to wear. Some men's jeans look like tents on me!
I wear slim fit, rarely skinny. My wife likes it when I have a bum in my jeans instead of baggy fabric. I tried on very tight jeans, but my better half didn't want to take them out with me :-)
A long time ago, a saleswoman picked me a pair of Levis women's jeans for me. I only noticed a long time later that the model was actually for women. It was a perfect fit straight away after we had tried out a few men's trousers in advance.
So, as already said: As long as there is a reasonable selection of pants, absolutely nothing speaks against it.

In any case, you can wear women's jeans, I often buy women's jeans myself, they often fit much better than the men's models, and there is a lot more choice for women.

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Yes hey that long.
Thanks for your answer and tip.
also try to find something. Trags like to be tight-fitting. So I have the problem with the waist size and the length ......!
I'm vain -! That's why I'm now trying my luck with women's clothing.
I have already conquered what is dear to me under jeans in the women's world.
Greetings markus

Hello everybody,
I've read it all through now and thought to myself I'll answer it: D

As has already been written several times, the women are always out and about in "men's trousers", there is no other way to describe boyfriend jeans (at least in terms of the cut).

So why shouldn't it be the other way around? You don't have to wear super skinny pants in a super low waist (very, very low waist height) or with rhinestones or something like that ;-)
If you don't like the stubborn trousers from the men's department, in my opinion you can always look at the women, and regardless of whether they have a normal cut or something more body-hugging, if there are no frills on the trousers, then you certainly don't know whether this is for Is ladies or gentlemen.

I also got some from H&M with a "regular fit" for women, they are wider than some men's trousers there and much more comfortable to wear!

So the bottom line: Sure, just do it!


Hi Markus,

I have about the same size as you (30x36) and have found what I am looking for in long women's pants on the Internet. Tube or bootcut, take a look around.

Greetings, the Tall One

Are you gay when you wear panties and the like? I feel a lot in it and the fabric is pleasantly soft. Today I bought a nice pair of tights and they sit great.
But women’s jeans are too short for me, just can't find the right length.?
Maybe one of you has an idea? !!

Women's jeans are okay

I think all the reports are very amusing and encourage me because you speak to me from the bottom of my heart.
E.g. strings, bodysuits, hibsters, jeans panties from women's clothing, I also wear them and I felt very much about them.
Only the jeans on my figure can hardly be found. Who can help me. I'm 1.86 tall / exercise size 31/32 and step length 36.? Would be great. Thanks .
Greetings Markus

Thank you, Patrick, you speak to me from the bottom of my heart, there couldn't have been a better way of describing the situation. The textile industry only cares about the "90% man", the remaining 10%, who do not conform to the norm, are of no interest to them.

Experience report as a man

I've read through almost everything here and wanted to add my "mustard" to the topic. I'm about 47 and neither gay, nor do I have any fetish and I have 2 daughters who are the harshest critics.
I'm also affected by a very petite stature (also due to long-distance running and other endurance sports), so for years I couldn't find anything that fits me right. At some point I was looking for jeans for work that were also needed and I was pissed off me anyway, so I didn't care. The first thing I noticed immediately that the jeans fit like a glove and I was happy that I was still able to experience that. Nothing slobbered on my butt and it was exactly my style, had a lot earlier always tight pants, which Mutti used to get the legs tube-like. Back then I was and still today an avowed Heavy Metal fan, only today I don't have a "mat" anymore, but a cool military cut.
When I washed these pants, my wife noticed that they were women’s jeans and then it dawned on me. I had never poached in the women’s world before. Since that day I have almost exclusively been wearing women’s jeans as skinny, tube-like or straight. With a size of 1.78 and a mere 63kg, that was a blessing. Find a reasonably fitting jeans in size 28/29 for men! Almost not possible. I have been doing this for about 10 years now, and for the most part my "group of women" orders the things from the internet because of the huge selection. I must say that I have had almost exclusively positive experiences up to now. 1. The majority of people don't even notice because they don't look closely at you. 2. With many jeans, the style is unisex anyway and I, if you don't have rhinestones or brightly colored embroidery on your pants, almost anything works. The women's jeans are almost always wonderfully elastic and as a man you simply have a better figure, because we can do that too. However, you really have to have the right figure, otherwise it doesn't look and the top has to match, which is important. I have size XS and sometimes I even buy it in the children's department if it looks good.
But I make sure that everything fits together and I don't look dumpy. And I've been working with 9 women of all ages for many years, I'm their boss and they don't mind, they just know me and think it's cool.
And that's what I actually wanted to say: At the beginning you certainly have to overcome yourself, because self-imposed and firmly cemented gender images in our heads are a lot of fear of people's reactions. But that's complete nonsense. But times have changed a bit and today the sexes mix much more easily than before.
It's exactly the same for shoes, by the way: I wear 40, you won't find anything smart in the men's segment, it only starts at 42 and the models are usually boring and the selection is limited. That's why I buy women's chucks and sneakers without exception and sneakers such as Converse and other well-known brands.
So my conclusion:
Dare to do something and go out among the people and just don't think about it. If one of the people of yesterday looks wrong, it doesn't matter, you have to feel comfortable and then everything is allowed that pleases and most of them will take you as you have been.

I also mostly wear women's jeans, but none with appliqués or with an opening from the left. In my size (29/30) I hardly ever get men's jeans, they usually only start at 32/32 and they are too big and too long for me. In addition, men's jeans are too loose for me, I prefer to wear very tight pants.

So I wonder why not!
Why should a man not be allowed to wear women's jeans now?
Or also ladies jogging trousers?
Some days I even wear women's panties!
Why do we always make such big differences between women and men?

Well, I have my troubles. Since the fashion industry apparently assumes that a boy who is very tall must also be built correspondingly corpulent, I only get pants with 34/34. Great. But I'm 31/36. In short: I never had pants that fit me. Now I've looked at the ladies. And the fact is, they have pants that fit me as if they had been tailor-made. How does it work? The only thing that annoys you are some people who look stupid. But hey what can I say, it suits me. After all, better than the jogging pants of those who stare silly. The only thing that really annoys are the impractical pockets. Nothing fits in there. Who thinks up something like that. Definitely a conglomerate with the handbag industry ...

If it looks good, why not? Possibly these jeans would be here under / Damenmode/jeans/ suitable for the men, who are offered here in plus sizes!

It also depends on the figure of the man, a slim guy often fits women's jeans much better than men's jeans

There is nothing wrong with wearing women's jeans. The boys should just make sure that it fits the style and doesn't look too funky! I also see guys with ladies handbags and that's turning off.

I took a look at the jeans at TK-Max and I have to say that I really liked the stretch jeans in the women's department. So I made sure that the zipper was on the right side and into the changing room. The size 29/34 fit very well. I just feel great in my jeans! At home I was examined by my wife. Since my bottom and thighs showed no wrinkles in the jeans and I looked so sexy, she was also enthusiastic. It is a skinny jeans, which also looks great in boots!

My opinion: yes!

I am now 46 years old and I still know from earlier times that men got jeans that were cut as narrow as only women's jeans are today. Nowadays, on the other hand, even skinny men's jeans tend to have the "bum at the crotch" style - scary! In other words, jeans with something that can be called "cut" are no longer available for men.

If I were you, I wouldn't go for skinny jeans or jeans with eye-catching applications. But you can definitely wear straight-cut or bootcut jeans. Especially straight-cut ones don't even stand out as women's jeans.

I don't wear them myself in the office (they are too conservative), but in my free time I only use them: They are simply much more comfortable in terms of cut and fabric than what is expected of a man these days.

I can explain the alleged contradiction in my views with one sentence.
Statement 1 only relates to clothing designed exclusively for women, such as dresses, skirts, etc.
Statement 2 is about clothing that is worn equally by men and women and where a distinction is made between men's and women's clothing only in terms of shape and cut.

In your first report you write, I quote: if a man wears things that are intended for women, you don't think it's so great.
Now I wonder why you suddenly put yourself so hard that a man can actually wear everything a woman wears including shoes.
Don't you think that this is a contradiction in your statement?
First against and then 100% for it.
Then you shouldn't mind if your husband also puts on women's underwear, etc., doesn't attract attention, you can't see, man can also wear it, is much more comfortable.
Is not meant bad, I just wanted to show you your contradiction.

Greetings Harry

I think it's really strong that you see it so relaxed and cool. So thinks
but not every wife / girlfriend - unfortunately. Your execution is real
a great "shopping tip" ... I'll really do that soon.
I have to go alone though. So far I've definitely had it
Leave jeans in place. But I absolutely agree with you there is too
a few other "wearable items of clothing" from the women's
Department the men definitely stand above all things in one
slim and athletic figure. Many shades that only used to be
were bought by women are meanwhile "whole."
officially "has been included in the men's department
I am so well equipped with sportswear that I am not there
must serve. I hadn't thought of shoes before, but of course
you can also take a look. But everything has to be flat logo.
You're absolutely right, most of them don't really look up
someone specifically around then vlt. determine that it is not
specific men's clothing. It only becomes noticeable when it closes
would be exaggerated. And yes, I also wear very tight clothes -
not generally but more often. But unfortunately you have your point of view
not that many women / girls-unfortunately. Lg.Michael
-o.k. do you go out with it -with the skirt- ??

Hello, why don't women wear men's trousers or shirts too? I don't care, everyone should wear what they like. I also like to wear a skirt from time to time.

Well, you could actually answer the question yourself. As you walk through a department store, all you have to do is rid yourself of the idea that you are in the women's department. Try it out.
It starts with shoes and boots. Unless they have the classic female shape, it would not be noticeable with many shoes (especially lace-up shoes and winter boots) if they were worn by a man in public. Think of hiking boots, where the only difference is that women's shoes are 1 cm narrower. And socks or stockings just have a different length.
There isn't really a difference when it comes to sportswear either. Women’s clothes are more figure-hugging and fit closer to the body. As long as they are not skin-tight, a neutral observer cannot notice anything when they are worn. It would just be your style not to walk around with baggy clothes. However, many sportswear for girls are pink, so a man should be more careful but no problem with the right combination.
I advise a man to be careful with sweaters. The neckline must by no means be too deep, because then the sweater looks too ladylike. But a sweater or sweatshirt with a round neck is no problem.
Even I wouldn't be able to tell at a glance whether a man is wearing swimming trunks or bikini briefs (neutral color, of course, with no embellishments). A normal undershirt (no spaghetti straps) looks the same anyway. The difference between men's and women's briefs of the same shape is the double layer of fabric at the front for men and the women's briefs are sewn through.
Women's jackets can also suit a man.
You only have to imagine things in a man. Believe me, most people are way too superficial to really pay attention to whether it's women's or men's clothing. Nobody expects a man to wear women's clothing anyway. Things have to be a bit inconspicuous in shape and color. Wearing the clothing a bit tighter is also an advantage for some men.
LG Jacky

Handkerchiefs, ties, belts, sweat shirts, tea shirts, woolen socks, shoes

@Jaqueline -Now you're really making me curious. Yes, I wear it
Often women's jeans for the reasons mentioned. What do you mean by
other unisex women's clothing (except jeans)? Would interest me
what you can / could recommend to a man without it now
really stand out?

Happy Mickey! Is really my open and honest opinion. And that doesn't just apply to jeans. Some women's clothing is so unisex that a man doesn't even notice and it looks good on him. Just because it comes from the women's department doesn't mean that it can only be worn by us women.
Lg Jacky

Hi Jacky ..... Thanks for your approval! A woman's consent counts 10 times!

LG Mickey

Dear Jacky,

I totally agree.

But something else: how are you?
Separation pain already overcome?

All the best and all
nice day,

As a fashion-conscious woman with a sense of aesthetics, I want to switch me on again before the discussion takes off in the wrong direction. Wearing women's jeans by a man usually has nothing to do with fetishism or anything. I think the prejudices arise from the fact that only the floral decorations or other embellishments or the skin-tight skinny jeans are associated with women's jeans. These are really jeans that only girls can wear and that would look silly on a man. Even cheap jeans have such a cut that they are not suitable for a man.
But there are really women's jeans that a man can wear very well. Here I am on Mickey’s side with the bet that this is absolutely invisible. These jeans from certain brands are simply cut a little tighter and therefore look better on a slim man than most baggy men's jeans.
There are even men's jeans (unfortunately too few) that are cut almost like women's jeans. Here you can hardly notice the difference between women's and men's jeans.
Let's be honest, who makes sure that their pockets look different?
Guys, I think it's great that you dare to wear women's jeans. I believe you immediately that it suits you well.
LG Jacky