What month is a narcissist usually born?

This is how it is to date a narcissist

And then the day came when he asked if I could read a poem of his and say where it could be improved. I did just that. My criticism was gentle, but he freaked out, saying that I didn't understand him and that I didn't appreciate him as a poet. And anyway: on an intellectual level, we wouldn't go together. He didn't respond to my text messages for two days, including when I wrote him that a good friend was in the hospital. When he was at my doorstep again - with flowers, new poem, no apology - his poem was the first thing he wanted to talk about.

"Narcissists often have something fascinating about them, but they are unable to relate," says Haller. With narcissists, only two relationship constellations are actually possible. "Number one: Narcissists loves narcissists. These are the dream weddings that fail after three months because there can only be one God. Or the narcissist looks for a partner who is happy to stand behind him and admire him." What if you don't feel like being the first member of your partner's fan club? "It depends on how strong the narcissistic behaviors are," says Haller. "Sometimes a relationship is still possible. But you have to show the narcissist his limits, always meet him with humor and give him praise because he needs it. But if someone really has a narcissistic disorder, only one thing applies: take flight." She can hardly be treated.

"Anyone who has poor self-esteem should definitely keep their hands off people with narcissistic tendencies," says Sven Grütterfien, who runs the platform umgang-mit-narzissten.de. "In the relationship, the narcissist will always try to push through his advantage and his desire and to destabilize his partner." But those who are self-confident and can stand up for themselves can at least dare to have an affair. "Narcissists are often dazzling lovers with an engaging aura. If all you want is an adventure, it can be wonderful. You just have to know the point of getting off."

That's exactly what I did. Markus and I didn't even last three months, then I broke up. Since then, no one has given me roses again. Nobody stood in front of my door in the middle of the night and wanted to be praised for their artistic work.

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