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US withdrawal from Syria: Donald Trump betrays everyone

Some conspiracy theorists believe that Donald Trump's foreign policy is in the hands of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. See the relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem. See the termination of the nuclear deal with Iran. Now the US president has proven that Benjamin Netanyahu has absolutely no influence over him. Because the withdrawal of US troops from Syria is a slap in the face of Israel.

Not only Netanyahu was caught off guard, but also the whole of the president's foreign and security policy team. It was not until December 3 that Trump's special envoy for Syria, James Jeffrey, formulated three conditions for the US withdrawal: the final defeat of the Islamic State; the withdrawal of all Iranian armed forces; and a political solution to the crisis.

But ISIS has not been defeated. The withdrawal of US troops clears the way for further Iranian troops and arms movements to the west. And since the US's only serious allies in Syria - the Kurds - have now been betrayed, the “political solution” will be for Syria's dictator Bashar al-Assad to turn his country into a Russian-Iranian protectorate.

What peace can the US guarantee?

But the damage goes far beyond Syria. Who should still rely on the US when long-standing allies like the Kurds are sacrificed overnight? What peace can the US guarantee? Which aggressor to deter?

One would like to believe that there is method behind the madness, if only that the president was in Vladimir Putin's pocket. After all, it would then be predictable. Apparently, however, frustrated that Congress would not finance his wall building, he was looking for something that would make him look strong at his base.