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Sentences that will grab your audience's attention - Listen:

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You will love it! Here is your chance to grab the attention of your viewers and become a market leader with creative buzzwords. Stick to your seat as we are going to show you some great examples as we use our own catchy phrases as we go! Is not that great?

I bet you can guess what happens next:


This is a great example of a presentation that uses amazing catchy phrases while discussing the frustration of coming up with a business idea. Let's sum it up:

1)"So you have this great idea"

Excellent start, now we're on the edge of our seats. This can be used for any topic and is a great twist for intros.

2)"Here's the thing"

This is a great opening for clarification or solution as it shows enthusiasm and empathy and also helps the viewers focus. This is a very common and effective formulation that really gets to the point.

3) “Is there a magical way around this mental roadblock? "

This is an absolutely powerful phrase that he used here. This will make its viewers stay safe to hear the answer to this agonizing problem. Mental roadblocks can be a problem in almost all areas of life. This is a great, original, and effective formulation.

4) "You better believe there is"

This phrase conveys trust and creates intrigue.

Can that be true? Who knew this video was a Powtoon on Powtoon?

Let's try another:

This really interesting Powtoon is all about coffee and coffee makers. Sounds boring? It's not boring at all. Everything you wanted to know about coffee and coffee makers is presented in this Powtoon. Let's see how they used catchy phrases. Shall we?


1) "Great coffee at home - you need 3 things"

This is an introduction to important tips. This type of phrase will keep viewers captivated and prepare them for some vital information.

2) "Coffee buying tips"

This is self-explanatory, but offering tips is important for any topic. It's smart to use tips to guide viewers into the next phase of the video.

3) "slow down"

Waiting! The main character in the Powtoon is a little ahead of him and unprepared for his coffee maker shopping spree, which leads to "slowing down". This really helps the viewer focus. Sneaky! The term “slowing down” can also be used to describe a problem that has not been properly thought through.

4) "Um, now what?

Good question. Many of the viewers may also think about it or want more tips or guidance. This phrase helps steer viewers in any direction they want.

Here is a list of a few more catchy phrases

• But here is the problem ...

• And do not forget…

• Consider it:

• Here's the real kicker:

• Now you are probably wondering ...

So imagine what your next Powtoon is going to sound like with great catchy phrases. What are you waiting for? Do a Powtoon Today!

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