You can drink water after eating

“You can only drink after you have eaten” - many grew up with this wisdom. But why is it not allowed to drink while eating? Drinking too much while eating means that the stomach quickly reaches a certain fullness, you are full faster and can spoil your appetite. This is often an undesirable side effect, especially with smaller children.

Is it good or bad to drink during the meal?

Especially for people who are overweight, the recommendation is to drink enough throughout the day - and above all to consume a glass of mineral water before eating. Large amounts of liquid before a meal can fill the stomach and create a certain feeling of satiety.

It is also advisable to grab a glass of mineral water from time to time while eating. This means that you eat more slowly and not so hastily. The 20 minutes that the body needs to feel full can be reached faster. You are full before you access it for the second time: this saves calories.

The cravings are also reduced once a strong sip is taken from the bottle. Hunger is often confused with thirst. A glass of mineral water can help overcome (supposed) hunger.

There is also a rumor that drinking while eating dilutes gastric juices and makes it harder to digest. This has not been scientifically proven. Drinking during the meal even has the advantage that dry foods in particular can be swallowed more easily. The additional liquid helps digestion of the food, because water is the transport and solvent for the nutrients. Nutrients can only get to where they are needed with sufficient fluids. Especially with a diet rich in fiber, the water helps swell the chyme in the intestine.

Mineral water during the meal

The question should therefore not be whether it is allowed to drink while eating, but rather what should be drunk. In general, mineral water rich in minerals is recommended, ideal in a calcium to magnesium ratio of 2: 1. In addition to the food, this provides the body with important minerals - such as Rosbacher mineral water.

Carbonated mineral water ensures better blood flow to the oral mucosa and cleans the taste papillae in the mouth. In addition, the carbonic acid stimulates the flow of saliva and supports digestion. Rinsing your mouth with carbonated mineral water after eating can kill bacteria.

Our conclusion: mineral water during the meal? Definitely!

This article is a contribution from the German Institute for Sport Nutrition e.V.

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