What is so important about money

Why money is so important to me! Despite minimalism 🙇‍♂💰

A lot of people seem to associate money with something negative. Having a lot of money is automatically bad, money is not everything, they say. But the paradox is, it is precisely those who buy material goods in abundance, often more than they can afford. But it is said that money is not important.

Why is money important?

For me money has a different purpose. It is used to finance my lifestyle. A roof over my head, not to go hungry and to be able to afford what I need, e.g. Internet ;-). However, money has many other aspects that some may not want to see. Clearly - you shouldn't trade your health for money. But conversely, more money often means better opportunities if you were in poor health.

I am not indulging in the illusion or self-deception that money is not important to me. Because if it were, I wouldn't be spending any time making any kind of money. I am not lying to myself. However, I also see it that way, above a certain amount, money cannot necessarily offer more added value in terms of lifestyle. Whether I would earn 5,000, 10,000 or 20,000 CHF now, my lifestyle does not change significantly, my values ​​would hardly change. However, you could, for example, invest more and start other projects. Of course, it is individually tailored to my lifestyle.

Are you lying to yourself?

Are you one of those people who keep saying that money is not important? If so, think about what money actually is. Because money can be a form of security, but you should make it clear what the priority list looks like. As mentioned before, I wouldn't prefer money to health. On the other hand, if you are in poor health, money can simplify a lot. Therefore it makes perfect sense to have money on the high edge and not to squander everything.

Do you use the YOLO mentality as an excuse? You only live once and when you are old have you lived your life? Not quite, because life expectancy is quite high. It's not uncommon to live to be 80, 90 or even 100 years old. Furthermore, the quality increases with age. Someone who turns 80 in 50 years' time is probably much fitter than they are today if they have lived healthy lives. So is it worth it to squander everything at a young age and then pay for it in old age? I think life is long-term and it doesn't matter how old you are.

PS: How important is money to you?

My name is Thomas Kovacs (24) and I run this Swiss finance blog. At a young age I managed to accumulate a fortune of over CHF 893,000 (€ 825,000). I have been actively investing in the stock market for 6 years and share my journey to financial freedom on this blog. Transparency is very important to me, for example, you can see my complete share portfolio. I have recently started my own business and have been working full-time on my ecommerce business, which I started when I was 17 years old. In addition to the blog, I run a YouTube channel of the same name. There I will report up-to-date about my investments, independence and minimalism. To find out more about me and myself, visit my "About Me" page.

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