Are gun safes really fireproof?

Safe / safe

Whether furniture safe, safe, fire safe or gun safe. At BURG-WÄCHTER you will find the right safe!

Don't give burglars a chance. Keep money, documents, treasured items and much more in a safe. For the Extra protection at home or in business. BURG-WÄCHTER offers a large selection for all requirements.

Approved protection with a safe from BURG-WÄCHTER

Our models are carefully designed and produced. For the ideal safe, we only use high-quality material and the latest technology. Lots of safes are VdS tested and ECB • S certified. Thus, these safes guarantee optimal security for your valuables.

Find the safe that suits you

We offer the right model for every task. If Furniture Safe or Fire safe. Whether from Gun safe up to Safe. You will find it here. BURG-WÄCHTER also offers special solutions. For example, wall safes, safes for hotels and document cabinets.

Open by key, code or finger scan

Open and lock your safe securely. For example with your personal code or your own fingerprint. So the Operation more than convenient. Alternatively, we offer every safe model that can be opened with a classic key.