Is it all a need or a need

Need and need - meaning & difference

Need is the desire of humans to obtain certain economic goods. It thus forms the basis for the demand for products, goods and services that the market then provides. The desire to meet needs arises from a deviation of the current state from the desired state.

Roughly three forms of need can be identified. Namely the basic, the cultural and the luxury needs. In economics, the need describes the extent of the needs of a person that they can cover with their financial means. In this respect, it is important to distinguish between the terms need and need.

The difference between need and need

A need is a desire for something. These include the basic needs of food, clothing and housing. Wishes are needs that already specifically relate to an object. Like the desire for a certain item of clothing. Needs are the basis of need. They result from the desire to remove a deficiency. A need becomes a need if it can be met with your own financial means.

Different types of needs

Needs can be divided into four different groups. On the one hand, there are individual needs. These are based on the wishes of an individual and can also be satisfied by them. In contrast, collective needs can only be met by the entire group. Such as the desire for security in the family.

Basic needs, such as food or sleep, serve pure self-preservation. In contrast, there is the need for luxury goods. This is difficult to generalize because it depends on the current level of development of a society. On the one hand, needs are differentiated according to their urgency. On the other hand, according to their concreteness and awareness.

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