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Playful Innovation: Playful renewal

Sharing knowledge: Another component of a human-centered design is a sharing culture in the company that is based on openness and promotes the sharing of knowledge. Company-internal social networks are well suited for this. This should simplify communication in the team and make information transparent. Putting these “pieces of knowledge” together can lead to real innovation - for example, because knowledge has not yet been visible, or because something is thought together that at first glance did not seem to be combinable.

From creativity to innovation

Pressure and extrinsic motivators can have a negative impact and even reduce creativity. In order to be able to develop creatively, we need freedom. Then new forms of behavior or action can be developed - regardless of their practical use or their future applicability. Playful gamification can help to promote this individual creativity in organizations in order to create innovation.

Behavioral biologists Patrick Bateson and Paul Martin divide creativity into three dimensions:

  • Cognitive fluid: developing different alternative ideas for how to use an object
  • Flexibility: switching between approaches
  • Originality: the novelty of ideas

The prerequisite for advancing into these dimensions is motivation - and a safe environment in which "limitless" thinking is possible. In the end, design thinking is more culture than methodology. This environment not only needs rules and structures, but also the opportunity to break or circumvent them - with fun. Because the way to real innovations leads through this creative, conscious questioning and undermining of structures and rules.

Design Thinking offers a method for solving serious problems in a playful and creative way. As with human-centered design, the focus is on people, but with a dedicated focus on developing innovative and creative solutions to complex problems.

This text is an abbreviated excerpt from the study "Playful Business"