Why doesn't life make sense

Probably every person comes to a point in the course of his life at which he asks himself the question of meaning: the question of the meaning of his own life and of life in general. Some people have doubts about the meaning of their existence through a life crisis. The joy decreases, one becomes gloomy - in the worst case depressive. Albert A. Feldkircher is a relationship coach, communication trainer, author and also works as a consultant at the Feldkirch marriage and family center. He came to this profession himself after a crisis of meaning in mid-life and has been happy about his reorientation for years. "I would like to start with a thought, a realization from my crisis:" It is a wake-up call for your body, your soul, which says to you: You shouldn't go on with your life like this. "

Midlife is a time when many people have ticked off their goals for now. They reflect on their previous life and ask themselves the question of new perspectives. "This is how I often experience it in the men's counseling" Albert Feldkircher can report. With women, crises of meaning sometimes arise when the children fledge and the nest is empty. All her attention and care was focused on the children, on family cohesion. What can come now? A painful separation, the death of a child or a close relative, or other drastic events can cast doubt on the meaning of life.

"To be traced back to yourself and to be forced to deal with yourself - many people find it difficult.", Knows the consultant. It is a lifelong task to work on yourself, to perceive your own needs and thus to counteract a crisis of meaning as a preventive measure. Just functioning, trying to bring everything under one roof and always only being there for others, leads to a dead end at some point. "

“Anyone who is stuck in the feeling of senselessness can usually find it difficult to get out on their own. A conversation with a partner, a good friend or a professional advisor can be helpful and open doors, recommends Feldkircher. “At the beginning it is important to move away from having and into being. So not: what do I have? But: who and what am I? ”To deal more consciously with oneself, to take time for the self, to find personal oases, these are further concrete measures. ". Another tried and tested advice: “Change your perspective! Get out of your place! Do you travel!"

The meaning of life is always connected to my values ​​and ideals, because with them I give my life meaning. That can mean love, loyalty, freedom, environmental protection, justice or something else. If a person with a keen sense of justice experiences a great injustice, he can plunge into a crisis of meaning. Likewise a person to whom loyalty means a high ideal and who experiences unfaithfulness. And so on. Then we are challenged, says Feldkircher, to rethink our value system and to find new values ​​for ourselves that make our life worth living.

At the end of the knowledge it is: "The meaning of life is life itself."