Vietnamese girls like older men

China's sex problem is so great that men take unusual measures to find a wife

Atsushi Tomura / GettyThey are called "Guang Gun", which means "dead branches". Branches that will never bear fruit. This not particularly charming designation is given in China to all men who are over 30 and not yet married. And that's a lot.

Because in China there are 30 to 40 million more men than women today, so in the next five years one in five men will not find a woman in China to marry for purely mathematical reasons. In some rural regions in particular, there are entire villages populated by bachelors and their parents.

The young women who grow up in these places flee to cities to meet wealthy men. In order not to have to be left alone, some men from these bachelor places travel long distances. They cross the whole country, drive to regions far away or even fly abroad, to Myanmar, Vietnam or Indonesia to buy a wife there.

Male offspring are considered more valuable in China

Even in industrial areas like the Pearl River Delta, one of the largest economic areas in China, women are a large minority. The plight of men without women is so great that criminal gangs have specialized in kidnapping women and selling them to men who want to marry far from their home regions.

This imbalance is anything but a coincidence: Male offspring are considered more valuable in China because they can better feed the family when parents and grandparents grow old and can no longer make a contribution. They also carry the father's name on.

The traditional gender mismatch became even more apparent after the regime introduced the one-child rule in 1979 to prevent the population from growing too quickly. The government wanted to ensure the supply of the population and at the same time save resources. According to official estimates, the strict family policy is said to have prevented several million births. However, it also led to more girls being aborted.

The husband must be the main breadwinner in the family

Two years ago, after 35 years, China officially announced the end of the one-child policy, and since then all couples have been allowed to have two children with government permission. But the whole country suffers massively from the consequences - the enormous imbalance of the sexes and the resulting despair of men without women.

While young women are drawn to the cities to marry men with money, many men from humble backgrounds also leave their villages - in order to become one of the men the women want to marry.

According to a survey, 70 percent of Chinese women consider financial considerations to be a decisive factor in choosing a spouse. For example, China's men can only calculate chances with women of marriageable age if they can show a condominium in a big city, a car and a decent salary. Because even after decades of socialism, the old Chinese tradition has retained: the man must be the main breadwinner of the family or at least the couple.

China's men are in a vicious circle

But in order to be able to afford a car and a condominium in a major Chinese city, you have to earn a good income or have parents who provide financial support. Many young men still toil in second jobs after work in order to secure an additional income so that they can become marriageable.

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Most of the time, however, the men are so busy making money that they hardly have an opportunity to get to know women. Online dating agencies are therefore booming. The gentlemen have to put the equivalent of up to 500 euros on the table to register for a well-known, promising placement.

Money that they in turn have to work a long time for.