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Vietnam Food - 10 delicious dishes of Vietnamese cuisine

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The food in Vietnam is very diverse and the Vietnamese cuisine has received and maintained many influences over generations. The food in Vietnam is sometimes even French or Chinese.

Vietnamese cuisine is also known outside of the country and so you can even find a few Vietnamese restaurants from time to time in Germany or, for example, Thailand.

10 delicious dishes of Vietnamese cuisine

We have to admit that before our stay we knew little about the food of Vietnam and only the well-known foods like Banh Mi or the soup Pho were a term for us. If you feel the same way, why not try the cuisine of Vietnam on a food tour in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi.

Otherwise, in this article we will introduce you to 10 Vietnamese dishes that you should definitely try in Vietnam.

1. Banh Wed

Banh Mi is one of the classics when it comes to eating in Vietnam. Every Vietnamese and certainly every visitor has eaten it at some point. We are also completely convinced of this delicious Vietnamese sandwich and ate one of it almost every day!

There are several types of Banh Mi, but the two most common are Op La and Thit. Op La is the Banh Mi variant that is filled with a fried egg. Thit again the variant, which is filled with many different types of meat and pate.

In addition, there is usually a chili sauce and various herbs and vegetables in it. Sometimes hides a few pieces of chilli that make the whole thing a bit spicy.

2. Pho

Pho noodle soup is the next classic in Vietnamese cuisine and popular with many travelers and locals alike. The soup is served in a clear broth with rice noodles and beef (Pho Bo) or chicken (Pho Ga) served. There are also spring onions, soy, fish sauce, mint, chilies and sometimes basil, so that you can prepare them as you wish.

You can get the soup at least in the morning in many corners of Vietnam, as it is often eaten as breakfast. But many restaurants also offer it for lunch or dinner.

When visiting Vietnam, you should definitely try them at least once.

3. Goi Cuon Tom Thit

Goi Cuon Tom Thit are fresh spring rolls, often called on menus Fresh Summer Rolls designated. The spring rolls are almost transparent as they are made with rice paper. In addition, they are absolutely healthy because they are not even fried or anything like that.

They are filled with lots of mint, iceberg lettuce, glass noodles and fresh shrimp. This is rolled up in the rice paper and served with a peanut or chili sauce.

Absolutely delicious, even if there is sometimes a little too much mint for my taste.

4. Com Tam

Com Tam translates as broken, cooked rice and is also often called in the Saigon area Com Tam Sai Gon served. Then there is a grilled piece of pork on top of the rice. In Ho Chi Minh City, this is often eaten as breakfast.

However, the broken rice is the main ingredient here. This is rice that broke when it was ground - a very simple description, actually.

Definitely a very well-known dish in Vietnam that you should also eat once in a while.

5. Banh Beo Tom

Banh Beo are hearty rice cookies that are topped with dried, ground shrimp and spring onions, for example. Fish sauce is served with it, which you can pour over the rice cookies as you like. Especially the fish sauce from the island Phu Quoc is known and loved nationwide.

Extremely tasty, we can only recommend it to you!

6. Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo is a Vietnamese pancake, also known as Vietnamese crepe. There are several variants of preparation, so the pancake is sometimes very soft and sometimes very crispy.

It is prepared with eggs, rice flour, water and coconut milk. The whole thing is filled with different types of vegetables, meat and shrimp. The pancake is often served as a starter in restaurants.

Conclusion: definitely try it out!

7. Com Heo Quay Xao Cai Chua

This is one of the many rice dishes in Vietnam. Rice is served with fried, roasted pork with pickled cabbage, which I only knew from the Khao Soi soup in Chiang Mai. The meat was very tender and the whole dish was delicious.

8. Banh Canh Cua

Another noodle soup from Vietnamese cuisine. The noodles in this soup are sticky and soft and have to be slurped off the chopsticks or they will fall back into the soup. Translated, the name Banh Canh Cua means something like “sticky, thick noodles with crab”.

In addition to the noodles, the soup is enriched with thin strips of pork, shrimp and crab meat. Lime and spring onions are also served to spice up the soup. However, the soup is a little thicker. A very popular dish in Vietnam.

9. Banh Cuon Nong

These are delicious steamed and rolled rice pancakes. The filling consists of meat and partly rice noodles. A little salad and pate / pork sausage is served with it.

Looks very tasty and it tastes like that too. We can definitely recommend you to try this once during your Vietnam trip. If you are really hungry, we would recommend this as a starter rather than a main course.

10. Com Thit Kho Tieu

Com Thit Kho Tieu is often described on the menu as rice with pork and pepper. It tastes similar to the popular Com Tam breakfast dish. The meat is usually very tender and fried in a kind of pepper sauce. The rice is not broken like in Com Tam, but otherwise this dish is not too different.

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Of course, there is a lot more choice when it comes to eating in Vietnam and, depending on the corner of the country, the kitchen also has many other local specialties. The next time we visit Vietnam, we will definitely try new dishes again. Vietnamese cuisine is very diverse and it should definitely not be boring for your taste buds.

You can find more information about Vietnamese food culture and cuisine in Foodwiki. Discover 13 delicious Vietnamese dishes with great photos and detailed information about the ingredients, etc. If you are interested in other cuisines in the world (e.g. Chinese, Indian, Japanese) then you've come to the right place!

How do you like the food in Vietnam? What's your favourite dish? We look forward to your comment!

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