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Conversion of nautical miles to kilometers

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The nautical mile is a special unit of length used in shipping and aviation. Often you want to convert nautical miles into kilometers or knots into kilometers per hour. Alternatively, the nautical mile is also called the nautical mile. In the original definition, it was supposed to correspond to 1/60 degrees of latitude - i.e. one angular minute - but was later defined to be exactly 1852.0 m. The derived speed "nautical miles per hour" is called knots. Use our for the conversion Nautical miles - kilometers - converter :

Basics for converting nautical miles (sm) into kilometers (km)

As already described above, the original definition of the nautical mile is based on a meridian minute. The oldest traditional description was "1 meter" (alo the 10 millionth part of the distance between the North Pole and the equator). From this it could be deduced that 54 nautical miles correspond to about 100 kilometers.

Roughly x nautical miles can be converted into kilometers using the formula “double and subtract 10% from the result”, which corresponds to a multiplication by a factor of 1.8. Although this is inaccurate by approx. 3%, it is quite suitable for practical use.

Formulas for converting between nautical miles and kilometers

If you make a calculation between nautical miles and KM, you will now find the formulas for both starting values:

Determine the number of nautical miles from kilometers
Kilometers / 1.852

Determine the number of kilometers from nautical miles
Nautical mile * 1.852

Summary table: How many KM is a nautical mile?

Nautical mileskilometre
1 nautical mile =>1.85 kilometers
2 nautical miles =>3.70 kilometers
3 nautical miles =>5.56 kilometers
4 nautical miles =>7.41 kilometers
5 nautical miles =>9.26 kilometers
6 nautical miles =>11.11 kilometers
7 nautical miles =>12.96 kilometers
8 nautical miles =>14.82 kilometers
9 nautical miles =>16.67 kilometers
10 nautical miles =>18.52 kilometers
11 nautical miles =>20.37 kilometers
12 nautical miles =>22.22 kilometers
13 nautical miles =>24.08 kilometers
14 nautical miles =>25.93 kilometers
15 nautical miles =>27.78 kilometers

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