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Get different German IP's in Chrome

would have a question for the Internet professionals ^^ and I wanted to know whether it is possible to get different German IPs with different profiles in Chrome. This means to create several profiles via Chrome and to get a different German IP address for each profile. I read about VPN clients on the internet but unfortunately don't know whether they offer my desired function. It can also cost something, it would need 60 different profiles, 60 different German IP addresses. If someone asks, Tor Browser is not an option for my desired function.
If someone could help me that would be great :)
Have a nice weekend and greetings.
Do you want to start an ogame a man multiaccount raid or what?
Start the computer with virtual pc 60 and access the network on each via vpn or ip changer. Should work if your computer takes part
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99damage ogame clan ..? : D
This won't work with a Chrome profile, no. At most by VM.

I just don't ask the question of whether it makes sense: D.

Oh and btw: if you want to use chrome, everything you try is in vain anyway. Take Chromium if you have to.
could try to start the browser with sandboxie or similar several times, and give each instance its own proxy. no idea whether you can find a provider who can give you 60 IPs within DE. theoretically you could build something yourself, a few EC2 micro instances on AWS should be enough.
or X Set up Chrome startups with proxy addresses and profiles

When linking the Chrome.exe simply in "run in"
"C: \ Users \ User \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ Application \ chrome.exe --proxy-server =" [ip address]: [port] --user-data-dir = C: \ chrome- profile file "
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