Sends Amazon FBA internationally

Use Fulfillment by Amazon for international orders

An alternative way to ship international orders is to use Fulfillment by Amazon in the country of the Amazon marketplace where you are listing your products. In order to use Fulfillment by Amazon, you must import your products into the country in which you want to sell them and store them there in an Amazon fulfillment center for the relevant marketplace. An exception to this is the case that you are already selling products on an Amazon European marketplace and are using Fulfillment by Amazon for this. In this case, you can send orders from other European marketplaces using your current account with Fulfillment by Amazon in the European shipping network or using inventory in the marketplace country (see below).

The following overview summarizes where to import your products when using Fulfillment by Amazon:

Seller's location Location of the fulfillment center with Fulfillment by Amazon Import required?
Outside the USA United States Yes, products must be imported into the United States.
Outside Canada Canada Yes, products must be imported into Canada.
Outside of Europe United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland or the Czech RepublicYes, products have to be imported into Europe.
In Europe United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland or the Czech RepublicNo, goods do not have to be imported within EU member states. If the seller uses Fulfillment by Amazon, he can use the international programs of Fulfillment by Amazon (see section Shipping options in Europe further down).
Outside of Japan Japan Yes, products must be imported into Japan.

In the following section you will find out which information you need to prepare for the import of goods. As described in the section Register and Get Started, you must first set up a seller account for the Amazon marketplace on which you want to sell your products. Then register for Fulfillment by Amazon on this marketplace.

For more information about selling internationally and using FBA, see Selling Worldwide on Amazon and the Program Policies. This information also contains information about your obligations when using Fulfillment by Amazon.

Send inventory to an Amazon fulfillment center

If your inventory is in a different country than the fulfillment center, you will need to export your products from the country of origin and import them to the country of destination. You act as a registered exporter of the goods in the country of origin and as a registered importer in the country of destination and must comply with the laws and regulations of both countries. You may have to pay import taxes, customs duties and fees imposed by the destination country. This process works as follows:

  1. You create offers in Seller Central.
  2. You create a commercial invoice in which you are identified as the registered importer of the goods.
  3. You choose a customs broker. (This service may be offered by your transport company).
  4. The products are brought from the factory or logistics center to the export port.
  5. The products are cleared at customs for export.
  6. You hand the products over to the transport service that takes them to the port of destination.
  7. The products are transported to the port of destination and unloaded there.
  8. The products are cleared at customs for import.
  9. The products are handed over to the transport service for transport to the logistics center.

Shipping options within Europe

When selling within Europe, you can use the entire Amazon shipping network. Not only is it easier to create an offer thanks to a seller account for a single European marketplace, cross-border sales are also easier to process with Fulfillment by Amazon. In Europe, Fulfillment by Amazon offers three international shipping programs: Pan-European Fulfillment by Amazon, the European Shipping Network and inventory in the marketplace country.

Pan-European Fulfillment by Amazon

Pan-European Fulfillment by Amazon allows you to ship orders from all European marketplaces from a single inventory without incurring per-unit cross-border shipping fees for the European shipping network. Amazon distributes your inventory within the European shipping network at no additional cost. In addition, you can track your offers registered for Pan-European FBA using all of the standard reports and functions in Seller Central.

After you have activated the program in your settings, it will only be used for a product if you have registered for the product on every European marketplace (,,, and Amazon .es) created an active FBA offer from the same inventory and registered the ASIN for Pan-European Fulfillment by Amazon.

Select the country to which you would like to send ASINs for Pan-European Fulfillment by Amazon. Amazon can then move the inventory within the European logistics centers at its own discretion without incurring additional costs for you. This helps to minimize the transport routes between inventory and customers.

More information about Pan-European Fulfillment by Amazon.

European Shipping Network (EFN)

The European Shipping Network is another easy way to ship inventory for all 5 European marketplaces. That's how it's done:

  1. You send your inventory to fulfillment centers in the country of your primary marketplace in Europe, e.g. B. in Germany.
  2. You offer your products on one or more European marketplaces, e.g. B. on (the Spanish website).
  3. Customers all over Europe can order your products and Amazon will ship the orders from this one inventory. If z. For example, if a customer from Spain buys your product from, the order will be processed by Amazon and shipped from your inventory in Germany.
  4. When customers track their orders, they see the return address and estimated delivery date.

Select the European shipping network

If you are registered for Fulfillment by Amazon, you can use the European Shipping Network without further registration, registration costs or surcharges. Simply upload your listings to any Amazon European marketplace where you want to sell your products. When the products are purchased, you pay a shipping fee for every order sent abroad via the European Shipping Network.

More information on EFN fees

Inventory in marketplace land

You can reduce the time it takes for an order to reach the customer by using inventory in the marketplace country. Using FBA inventory in the marketplace country can help you increase your international sales as your offers become more competitive. With Marketplace Country Inventory, you can send your most popular products straight to the countries where they are purchased so that they are stored closer to customers. When customers order your products, Amazon can ship and deliver them faster.

In order to take advantage of stock in the marketplace country, you can use the function to view offers on all European marketplaces Set up international quotation creation create. As soon as you activate the "Inventory in marketplace country" program, you can select the countries to which you would like to send your inventory from the available countries.