What is the main health rule

The main health rules:

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The 10 mainHealth rules:

If you do this, you will rarely or never get sick. With this short guide you will find

best the way in the jungle of health tips & alternative medicine. If you stick to it

this can add 40 years or more to your life while still feeling fit and healthy,

to complete their calling on earth. You won't get Alzheimer's and you won't die of cancer. you

do not have to be afraid of AIDS and diseases.

The The order of the lists is important! Here are the 10 rules:

1. Healthy personality (soul & spirit); Peace with God and people and yourself

2. Healthy, vital substance-rich, lively food: little or no: sugar, white flour, salt, finished products,

Meat, but lots of ripe fruit, wild herbs and berries that we collect ourselves every day, lots of raw vegetables (vegetables),

Freshly ground cereals / flakes / bread (whole grain!) and cook instead of boiling.

3. Correct breathing, good air

4. Correct posture and plenty and correct movement

5. Correct location: No geopathic disturbances and little electrosmog.

6. a) Avoidance of poisons of any kind and discharge of poisons (e.g. amalgam); that includes everyone

Pharmaceutical products and all vaccinations, X-ray / radioactivity. Little or no addictive substances & drugs.

b) Dental restoration, watch out for hidden foci, no metals and be careful with plastics. When your dentist

If he does not do this, he is a danger to his customers and a quack. Your dentist who knowledgeably

has cleared the hazardous waste amalgam, you should be charged with grossly negligent body poisoning

and compensation. Likewise, the amalgam manufacturer and the health insurance company that you pay for the renovation

take over the fugitive. Dental restoration is usually the most expensive but necessary part of a successful one

Self-healing process.

7. Cleansing of the internal organs: liver, gallstones (very easy without surgery), kidneys, intestines, parasite treatment.

TheYou should do what used to be taken for granted at least once a year or more often.

8. Self-Healing Potential: Realizing that your body has a wonderful ability to quickly self-cure

cure if advice above is followed. Realize that the conventional medical, chemical view

is absolutely unsuitable by humans for healing and maintaining health. A healed patient is a lost one

Customer. That is why the pharmaceutical industry is not trying to combat the causes of a disease, but rather

to keep the disease alive with their means, so that people remain dependent for life

(E.g. HIV / AIDS, which is curable.) Avoid such doctors. Come of age and start

finally start to feel responsible for your own health and don't trust the doctors. Thes

are not gods. Thethose who blindly trust doctors do something like idolatry with them

As a result, you will have physical and mental ailments at an early age. Stupidity must be punished


The Electrosmog due to the cell phone madness blocks the self-healing potential of most people.

Thanks to UMTS, we live, so to speak, constantly in a microwave oven that is becoming more and more global.

The The result is a flood of burned-out, immune-deficient, therapy-resistant people.

TheThis novel situation makes the use of modern information-energetic computer-controlled

Devices required (see P10). Among these, the Quint device and the Quantec are particularly too

recommend. Therapy-resistant patients can be brought back to a normal energy level,

and then immediately treated or energized. Offers permanent inexpensive e-smog neutralizers

e.g. www.pulsar.li.

9. Absolutely no pharmaceutical products, at most natural "remedies" without harmful side effects:

When you are sick, have an ailment, or feel unfit, or when you are diagnosed and

want to prevent: Using physical and herbal remedies and solvent-free dietary supplements

& natural vitamins instead of chemical-pharmaceutical agents.

E.g .: low-voltage zapper, with 5-27 volts under certain frequencies viruses, bacteria, fungi, and

Parasites can be killed within a very short time without side effects. Purifies that blood so much that

doctors keep their mouths open. A zapper can be built by yourself or bought cheaply.

Or for example: colloidal silver water: Theses has been shown to kill over 600 harmful pathogens with no side effects

and thus replaces a whole arsenal of drugs and antibiotics (mostly no longer needed,

reserved for rare acute cases). Can be used without hesitation as one of the few remedies during pregnancy,

can be taken without side effects and stabilized. Colloid. Silver water is very easy by itself

to manufacture. Drink colostrum, the most perfect natural food and ev EM-X, a natural one

Fermented drink, the strongest known antioxidant, has brought back many terminally ill people.

10. Only necessary if you have not lived according to points 1-7 for years or want to know whether you are still burdened

from heavy metals or other poisons (vaccinations, pharmaceuticals). Not necessary for consistent primal foodists:

Have an overall test done using scientific, physical devices, without fear

in front of any developing disease, as this test will reveal the real causes of

recognize emerging diseases and then be able to eliminate them. These modern devices can

together with experienced alternative practitioners, a very precise analysis of the state of health in a short time

including early detection of possible emerging diseases and their causes. We can

Provide contact addresses for testers. To the best of our knowledge, the Quint device and the Quantec are

The best devices worldwide to get a relevant test of the weak points very quickly and

Therapy or energizing using electromagnetism and comprehensive information at the same time.

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TheYou need to know: The above methods (see points 9 & 10) and many others not mentioned are scientific

proven, provable and reproducible, but still mostly not recognized by conventional medicine

and partly forbidden by the BAG to be touted as a remedy. Yes, you are just far better than cures in the

pharmaceutical sense because they are really helping the body to begin instant and true self-healing

Fight the main causes without side effects. With their rejection of scientific, successful, reproducible

Methods, conventional medicine proves that when it comes to combating disease, it is not scientific

is rather biased and for-profit, and that they are more in the field of quackery and

Quackery is to be settled. The most glaring example of this is the absolutely unsuccessful 100 years of cancer research

with your tax money in billions, which has long since become a self-sustaining mechanism. Soon

40% die from cancer. Cancer must not become curable at all - although it is curable, this should be clearly stated -

otherwise hundreds of thousands would lose their jobs as the research funds become superfluous. It would be

not good in the eyes of jumping jacks im Theof malice hold positions of power when too many

People after 65 would still be too healthy. You may well die of cancer. He clears up unwanted,

unprofitable people, as well as cold-blooded abortion. (Turning away from this murderous attitude belongs to

Point 1, more on this will follow shortly).

Many of the so-called controlled media hyped achievements of modern medicine are frequent

nothing more than technical idiocy, without an eye for the big picture. The Today's medical professionals are often specialists, however

a real doctor is one who sees the whole organism and combats true causes. Doctors are not allowed to

Use life-saving, physically effective, scientific methods not recommended by the lobby

are recognized, otherwise you can lose your license (= lifelong existence). A doctor who teaches people

how they can heal themselves is thus sabotaging his profession and his existence. Expect when severe

Diseases therefore no real help from doctors who are not free, but who are not recognized as effective physical ones

To apply methods!

What you also need to know: In many countries the pharmaceutical lobby has anti-health laws

brought through. E.g. the Therapeutic Products Act: at the request of the pharmaceutical industry, it is managed by the corrupt law enforcement officers

abused by the licensing authorities to make effective natural products disappear from the market by

you just put them under this law. Now this is actually for the artificial quack products

Think of the pharmaceutical industry, or at least that's what the people think; extensive testing procedures are then necessary,

which cost hundreds of thousands of euros until a product is approved as such. Thes makes for pharmaceutical products

Sense. But if you put natural products and natural resources under the same examination procedures, you can

one so elegant, but unconstitutional & very corrupt, to ban such funds from the market; there with natural products

there is not much money to be made, no one is willing to undertake such expensive, in this case useless and unnecessary, procedures

to pay. So this law is abused to free the products that the creator and mother nature give us

makes available, scrutinized and forbidden. TheThis practice shows a base, godless character

and is criminal, corrupt and violates a basic human right: The Natural products in an economical

To be able to use mass. Therefore, such an interpretation / application of such a law is unconstitutional.

Law enforcement officers who feel they have to waste their time trying to find harmless but effective ones

Bringing natural products out of the market is now outlawed; We hereby declare that everyone will curse them

may and should. They act criminally against their own people and violate a human right at the expense

the health of their contemporaries. Your time is up, they are traitors.

More about the 10 points:

Point 1: Your personality: Peace with God, people and yourself.

They consist of three parts: mind, soul and body. You don't live for the body. But the body is for the spirit,

as well as the soul is for the spirit. The Soul is her natural personality: mind, will and feeling, you

natural ego. The spirit is the innermost part of the human being (we do not mean by spirit mind or intellect,

as it is unfortunately used by the ignorant in media and literature, that is why it is incorrectly called

"Mental" illness actually a personality or mental illness, because there are actually components

the soul is sick or "defective". Therefore also psychiatrist or psychologist: Greek: psyche = soul, where the personality

sits). Man was created in the image of God. Thus, the spirit of man is the organ to

to have contact with God (to speak directly to God: to pray) in order to receive enlightenments and inspirations from Him

received and the mind also has the function of conscience. The Bible says that the whole universe and especially

man were made for Christ as his counterpart and through him. Meaning and purpose of your existence

is to live because of and for Christ, i.e. to live with him. So don't be astonished

if you do not live according to this purpose, your soul-life will be lost and your body life will be lost

is abbreviated and destroyed at an early stage: By missing the target (actual meaning of

Sin) lack the glory of eternal life that Jesus Christ wants to give everyone and do not come

to enjoy the powers of the future world, but get caught up in all kinds of addictions and unreasonable ways of life.

Do not think that one can live past the meaning of human life without consequences! Thes

would be unreasonable. Use your short body life for it, your soul for the future glory of yours

actually intended to be saved by the Spirit. TheYou cannot do it by yourself. You have to be radical

rethink and once and for all consciously accept the sacrifice in faith for yourself and your guilt, God himself

on behalf of people failing to achieve their goals through Jesus Christ on the cross. By missing the target

man has brought guilt upon himself and is separated from God and is under his judgment. These

Jesus took on guilt on the cross on behalf of YOU. If you accept this, you have there-

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through peace with God again. (“God loved the world so much that he gave his onlyborn son with it

all who believe in him do not perish but have eternal life ”. Joh. 3,16.) How does this happen.

Very simple: Confess: "Jesus is Lord" and accept him by faith. Now God comes as

Spirit of Jesus Christ into your mind and heart and you get that to your natural, mortal life

eternal, divine life and become one spirit with God. (“As many as welcomed him (Jesus), he gave it to them

Right to become children of God .... who are born of God ”John 1:12; this is the so-called rebirth, the birth

out of God, not natural birth out of man. Through this divine birth you receive the eternal

divine life. Without this 2nd birth it is not possible to come into future glory.) Thes has

to do nothing with religion, but is a matter of (eternal) life or death. Once you have Christ in her

Heart, you should do everything you say & do according to the following principle: Bring,

what I want to do or say right now, life or death, peace or unrest? The new divine life

in them always gives them the correct answer. Such a life is contrary to the principle

of good and bad. To want to live according to good and bad brings death. That is the way of all religion: Yes

wanting to do good but doing evil because one does not see how corrupt one's self is.

A life determined by Christ in them has nothing to do with religion. It's a life of

Self-denial, which is the opposite of today's trend of self-actualization and emancipation.

It is not an individual life but a corporate one, together with others who are also Christ

than have their lives. “If someone wants to come after me, let them deny themselves and take up their cross every day

and follow me, for whoever wants to save his soul life will lose it; but who has his (own) soul life

lose for my sake, he will save it; for what good will it be to a man if he has won the whole world

but has lost itself or has been harmed? ”According to your spirit, which is now with God

Spirit is mingled to live will eventually save, transform and prepare your soul for the future

Body of glory that will no longer be dependent on space and time. People who are full of spirit often experience

a healing, energizing effect not only on your soul but also on your body and become spontaneous

cured. Jesus did in the time of his earthly Thensts and life almost all made healthy. He is the real Savior

for soul and body. Only with the true meaning of life in mind can you take proper care of yours

Practice health. Healthy long life gives you longer opportunities to be Christ abundant in all

To experience life situations and through his new life in the future glory according to God's plan and will

to build. After all, what good is it to you to spend all of your energy on the health of your body without losing any of it

To think salvation if you die in an accident tomorrow: Conclusion: body healthy but died prematurely,

Lost soul. Do you want this, hardly?

Think and repent today! When you in vain and without self-righteousness make peace with God and the

Having received forgiveness through Jesus, this is also the basis to forgive other people

be able to live in peace with fellow human beings and neighbors on their own initiative. Talk as many times a day as

possible with Jesus Christ, the only true source of life and energy, and "eat" the words often

of life (Bible) and they will shine.

TheIt is also the only basis for inner peace, for a calm conscience.Everything else is self-deception.

We would like to mention at this point that all esoteric attempts mean bypassing this path

and will fail. You lie to yourself for a few years. It's like a whitewashed wall like that

hypocritical religion also makes. Outside white but behind it it is black and you deny this and give

to be better than you are (= self-righteousness). Nobody comes to the person of Jesus Christ, who

Incarnation of God over. The path described above means complete surrender and recognition of guilt

before God. The good thing is, the result is immediately noticeable and tangible: an inner peace that you never get

more someone can rob.

Point 2: Man is what he eats.

From today you should forget everything that is said about nutrition first and everything according to the following principle

judge: Is the food I want to eat alive (vital) or dead? Gives them life

Life, the dead gives you sickness and death. TheThis principle applies to everything we eat.

If you really want to eat healthy, you have to radically move away from common eating habits.

Refined, cooked, processed, flavored and additive enriched, sterilized, irradiated food,

Canned food, etc. is dead food: it has been robbed of its vital substances and vital energy through processing.

Almost all chronic and serious illnesses would not occur if not this dead food in abundance

would be consumed. Because people eat too much dead food, they get sick (sickness is a preliminary stage

of death). So the basic rule is (in this order):

a. Lots of raw vegetables, if possible organic, untreated

1) only ripe / ripe harvested fruits, if possible only seasonal fruits from the region or directly from the farmer / garden;

Ripe, untreated tropical fruits would also be ideal

2) Wild herbs, e.g. dandelion, ribwort, nettles, blackberry leaves etc. in clusters every day if possible

mix in food; collecting these oneself takes place in the forest and in the field; you can do this at the same time

Combine movement and breathing (points 3 + 4). Such wild herbs contain up to 10 times more organic ones

Minerals and vitamins as farmed salads and farmed vegetables. You cannot use freshly picked wild herbs

Replace with herbal capsules, according to the principle of death and life, these are already pretty worthless

(Not quite, but the effect of fresh herbs is far greater than that of capsules

not just about the concentration of vitamins and minerals, but the main difference lies in

of vitality, which can be optically measured, for example, as energy radiation. First this energy of the fresh wild plants

in their diversity reach the quantum level of the organism in full force and thus enable one

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optimal chemical utilization (not too much and not too little) of vitamins and minerals. The more vital one

Fruit or plant, the more it can be used by the organism. Pull yourself

their sprouts in a sprout container, as they are available in health food stores. So you can continuously

produce at least 10 different fresh young plants. Together with the wild herbs would be

According to Konz, this is ideal for producing up to 100 different plants per year. Try at least on

about 30 to come.

3) Raw vegetables (e.g. carrots, kohlrabi, peppers, tomatoes, raw sauerkraut !!, etc ...)

4) fresh whole grain cereals, no white flour products, no sugar; little or no salt.

b. Make as much as possible yourself from fresh, untreated products. No finished products. Also packaged

Muesli (flakes) is practically worthless (in terms of vitality value), so you should own yours

Grind or grind flakes. Made from wholemeal flour that was ground a few days ago

to bake. (Have whole wheat flour painted at least once a week, if not by yourself) Or bread of this quality

to buy. You can even cook bread in the Stuplich cooking pot. Throw out your microwave oven

on the electronic waste. TheThis food is dead and worthless and steals energy, contains harmful amino acids

(free radicals). When boiling, cook with little water and at a low temperature if you don't

Want to be a raw foodist. Possibly Buy a special pot (from Stuplich) for gentle cooking. This cooks confidently

in gourmet quality. As much variety as possible.

c. Little or no meat, meat is dead, you don't eat live animals or raw meat, at most insects;

little animal protein, possibly sheep and goat milk products instead of cow milk products. With neurodermatitis

and generally omit dairy products.

This food is guaranteed not to make you fat!

If you can't get hold of fresh, self-collected wild herbs almost every day, recommend

we regularly use colostrum, the primal healing food and also an all-in-one vital substance

Take a supplementary drink such as Cellin daily. Thes is not an absolute substitute, but it is one

essential supply of natural vital substances such as OPC and many essential vitamins. Thes represents one

Compromise, however, is often the only option that many choose, as they switch to traditional food

fail or they are unwilling to do so.

The According to Konz - and we agree with him - ideal food (original food) consists of approx. 75% ripe fruits and approx.

20% fresh wild herbs and berries, this is all in point 2 a) 1-3. The more you deviate from it, the more

illness and premature death can affect more. It is a mistake to believe that individual herbs are considered to be

Medicinal herbs can be used against diseases. There are actually no medicinal herbs, just all of them

We regularly eat wild herbs and fresh fruits together as fresh food has the power

to get rid of all diseases from our body. At the beginning of a consistent change in diet

is the detoxification and purification. According to Konz this can be done with fasting and healing earth, which is also general

is known and highly recommended. We mention other methods in the section on internal organ cleansing.

All the dead and poisonous material has to get out of our body and then it shouldn't be returned

let in. Consistent nutrition then takes care of the rest.

From now on you no longer have to spend huge amounts of money on any medicinal herbal products,

but can go for free in nature to get the power of wild herbs. If we go to the chapter on organ cleaning

nor mention herbal cures, this is actually inconsistent and should only serve as a crutch for those who bother

have with a consistent change in diet, but need a quick effect and do not take pharmaceuticals

want. Then it is better to take highly concentrated herbal and vitamin capsules. But let it be said clearly

that processed herbs have lost a lot of their effectiveness compared to collected wild herbs

and the effect is often questionable.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to get ripe, untreated tropical fruits. What is offered in usual markets

is usually picked very immature, treated and artificially brought to maturity, often also irradiated. Without

Tropical fruits, however, can hardly keep a proportion of 75% fruits. There are suppliers who expressly do

Delivering sun-ripened tropical fruits by shipping: e.g. Orkos, www.orkos.com. It's pretty much going, however

into the money to supply yourself with it every day. After all, you can get a part of the savings on all the other foods

and investing capsules in such fruits. In addition, one loses through a heavy metal detox

often spontaneously his addiction (smoking approx. 30%, etc). TheYou can then invest in tropical fruits. We believe,

that an effect of the curse of paradise lost can be felt here. Originally, almost must be on the

All over the world a tropical greenhouse climate prevailed, what the gigantic fossil oil reserves and

Fossil finds from tropical forests in northern areas also prove it. So were everywhere and all year round

tropical fruits tangible. By being independently consistent in several historical documents (e.g. in

Gilgameshepos in cuneiform and in the Bible) narrated enormous event of a global flood became one

protective layer of vapor rained down from the atmosphere. These shift made sure that almost on top of that

A mild tropical greenhouse climate prevailed all over the world. In addition, one was protected from the UV rays.

Thet has been lost once and for all and after the flood the average age of mankind declined

quickly and drastically (below 100). One was, so to speak, forced to plant crops for hunger

to breastfeed and then the meat consumption came along. It is actually a judgment of the Creator about the apostate

To limit humanity. Through global trade (including with fruits) the fallen tries

Man to restore the lost paradise. But when you get the treated, unripe fruits in the supermarkets

looks at it, this is a ridiculous attempt.

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White sugar is very harmful to health: it messes up the entire metabolism and wakes you up

the need for more. It changes the taste sensation, so that one is less for healthy things

Senses taste. In this respect, sugar is latently and aggressively hazardous to health. Sugar robs the body

valuable vitamin B. No wonder that there are so many depressives, schizophrenics, perverts and “so-called. incurable "

There are insane people. Thes is a sign of malnutrition and consequent malfunction in the

Brain. There is the very effective, specially developed "remedy" Eufaxym (carefully and naturally produced

Vitamin B complex). There are amazing healing successes; these diseases are in most cases a B vitamin

Defect. (For sources of supply, ask us; 1 can of 500g approx. 38 CHF). But consider what I said above

Remedies. Instead of sugar, use unrefined raw brown sugar, or better yet, honey. Honey is

a perfect food, already in the Bible it says: "Eat honey my son, eat honey". Honey doesn't wake up

the need for more and more sweets, as the blood sugar level rises only slowly in contrast to sugar

and slowly sinks again. In the case of sugar, it rises quickly and quickly falls again. In the phase where the sugar level

drops quickly, you are very susceptible to infections (flu, cold, etc.). Honey contains about 180

Substances, valuable amino acids, vitamin B, and much more. more and does not have to be digested because the bees already have everything

In this respect, honey is also an ideal tonic for people who have serious digestive problems

to have. Honey passes into the blood in the mouth if you leave it there and does not burden the digestive organs.

Honey is the only food that is both animal and vegetable. Through this double

Filters of two ways of life all environmental toxins were filtered out. Of course, honey isn't good for them either

Teeth: after consuming honey, brush your teeth gently or, for example, eat a carrot.

The plant stevia should be mentioned as a natural “sweetener”, the leaf dust of which is extremely sweet

gives. If you are too firmly spoiled by the sugar taste, you may have to turn to the pleasant ones first

Get used to taste. Since stevia is not harmful to teeth, it is also harmful to growing children

an ideal means of sweetening.

Neurodermatitis cured: If you also consistently use animal protein in addition to the above nutritional principles

or avoid dairy products, you will see within a very short time how the condition normalizes and almost completely


Mothers: breastfeed for at least one year if possible do not give glass food, but fruit / vegetable puree yourself

do. Ideally, a heavy metal detoxification cure according to Dr. Klinghart with

Make chlorella, wild garlic and possibly coriander (caution, only together with chlorella). Thes causes the

Heavy metals are no longer in the milk. During pregnancy, only take chlorella, not coriander!

DRINK: The As far as possible, drink liquid with ripe seasonal fruits, and next to it only if possible

Drink water, tea, or a beer or a little wine. Only low sodium, low minerals if possible

take energized water. The Buying a reverse osmosis water filter is worthwhile. To the water

To restore the crystalline structure, an inexpensive spiral can be purchased. Forget the whole

Beverage industry. The most waters are dead and have too many minerals. The Minerals in water are inorganic

and only lead to slagging and strain on the kidneys and other organs. Make juices yourself

and drink fresh, or as I said, better eat the whole fruit. Who would think of 10 apples at a time?

to consume. But with 3-4 dl of apple juice you consume this amount. Don't compulsively drink more than that

Gives the body a signal through thirst.

We also recommend the fermentation tank EM-X or the cheaper Cellin, both strong antioxidants and above all

Colostrum, the most perfect food that can help your immune system to get on its feet.

Last but not least, it is said that food is sanctified through prayer and thanksgiving towards the Creator. We understand

in such a way that it is literally detoxified and partially revitalized, so that one remains at least as healthy as to be able to get into

to be able to express the received life of Christ longer in his physical life. It will only be in this

Context work. So always thank the Creator Jesus Christ from the bottom of my heart for everything and provide insight when shopping

apply. As long as you have a choice and a few brain cells, you cannot consume fast food on a regular basis

sanctify. You can now chop off over 90% of the range of foods. Shopping becomes easier.

We don't claim to be complete, there are other nutritional approaches that are good in the short and medium term. It

there are also contradictions. Not all whole grain products (gluten, possibly contaminated with aflatoxins, etc.) are tolerated, but e.g. dried

or toasted white bread (bread cures, sour bread soup) have an enormous healing effect on the intestines. Seemingly

Worthless, dead food is made positive by the fact that it ferments, either before ingestion or during digestion

Digestion bacteria revived and converted into something healthy.

Point 3: Breathe properly

The The danger with this health rule is that the important influence of breathing on health is underestimated and neglected

becomes. It seems that in today's hectic & stressed time you stop breathing properly. Thes becomes strong

Partly caused by bad posture, sitting too long & wrongly and lack of exercise (see next point). If you

Live so stressed that you can't even breathe properly anymore, live wrong. You have to learn to switch off and to

Calm to come. So wrong breathing is actually a symptom of wrong lifestyle.

Breathing incorrectly can shorten your life by decades.

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Before we now describe technically correct breathing, which you can slowly acquire again using the simplest exercises

It is important that you realize that the modern, materialistic, stressed life and life

The main cause of your work style are likely to take your breath away. An invisible, uncanny power

seems to be behind the material goods and the high achievable through career, violence, injustice or fraud

To hide the standard of living; that power keeps you uneasy about wanting more of it. The Greed and greed for power and

the existential fears and compulsions (loss of job, loss of face, loss of reputation, poverty, etc.) are actually responsible for

that you can be "stressed". Thes can be recognized, for example, when a very close family member dies, such as

Everything work-relevant and material becomes meaningless these days. But the material pressure on this world is still there

A higher standard of living and position is quickly restored. Never before in human history have humans stood

so many desirable products (gadgets and food) to choose from.

Since you can't take anything with you, but maybe you would like to reach a higher age full of vitality, we can in

Turning away from the compulsion to stress, go to breathing exercises, living point one helps a lot:

TheYou should do these exercises at least 3 times a day until your breathing improves continuously. You should always do this

Stay relaxed and possibly lie with your knees bent at the beginning, in case you otherwise cramp up. If they

tense up again, continue breathing as before and then start again with a deep exhalation. You can too

Combine with a simple relaxation exercise and hum a soft "U" is helpful.

Correct breathing in 3 steps, actually very simple, children up to kindergarten age automatically get it right:


1. Exhale

2. Pause, wait

3. Inhalation, etc.

So again:

1. First breathe out as long as possible, with the hum of a U.

2. Take a break, do not inhale immediately

3. Then inhale from the stomach up to the shoulders and exhale again immediately.

1.) Exhale: As soon as there is talk of breathing exercises and correct breathing, there is a tendency to go deeper straight away

breathe in, as they say, "breathe in deeply!" But this is exactly where you make the mistake. One would have to say “Breathe deeply and

slowly out, not in! ”Breathe out your ballast! The loud screaming, singing and crying of the children is just that

Right one. This is another reason why the primal and battle cry in the forest is highly recommended.

Always start your breathing exercise with a deep EXHAUST or, even better, a long sigh (that's when you do it

automatically correct). To do this, you can hum a soft U or any other muffled tone. Another variation is at intervals

to blow briefly but often (up to 10 times), as if you wanted to blow a down feather off your hand.

The stomach should contract more and more, so certain abdominal muscles are contracted and also

curious; excited.

2.) Here now follows the respite: pause for a while with your stomach pulled in. This increases the pressure to relax

at the beginning of inhalation.

3.) Then inhale follows: The Abdominal muscles relax, causing the abdomen to rise first around the then

Apply pressure further upwards (kidneys, spleen, liver, biliary area). So there is a wave movement from the bottom up.

Then the chest (the lungs) slowly rise, massaging the heart, then the shoulders rise too

and the neck and head are stretched, i.e. straightened and relaxed.

The so correct breathing is very relaxing.

By now you may also see how damaging persistent bad posture is to breathing

and that they cannot breathe properly unless they correct their posture. All organs are literally squeezed together

and the wave motion of breathing cannot take place, everything is rigid.

More on this in point 4.

Good air:

• It goes without saying that you should remove all exhaust fumes, gases, artificial scents from varnishes, glues and paints etc. (also

Perfumes), smoke, etc. should be avoided as much as possible. (We recommend chain smokers with the help of radionics

to get rid of addiction to the Quantec; s.e.g. www.radionik.li)

• City dwellers or those who are exposed to bad air during work, but actually everyone should

Go outdoors at least once a day for an hour or more. (Can be done with wild herbs and

Connect movement).

• At night the bedroom window should be open to sleep. If you can't do this in winter because of energy reasons

you should leave the door open so that the air can circulate with the rest of the apartment.

• During the day you should ventilate the room more often or leave the windows open. (unless exhaust gases are constantly flowing in from outside:

Consider moving house if life is good).

The Consider purchasing an Airnergy device. TheThis enhances the oxygen in the air. (Not

Oxygen therapy device, which increases the oxygen content; this can also have harmful effects). So fetches

you feel a piece of forest and sea air at home, but this does not replace a walk into the countryside. Sources of supply:

Ask us. It may also be worth purchasing an inexpensive air ionizer.

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