What is perfect health

Perfect health

March 11, 2020Petra RichardNews

The year started with a chiming of the gong. Clairvoyant or spiritual masters and also those who have a second identity - of which fortunately there are some in management and positions of power - know that there is always a healthy core in every human being. This is a place, a place within us of perfect health. We can contact you at any time. You can do this through meditation or through the gong. The gong is the most powerful sound generator we have on earth. He carries the perfect tone spectrum within himself. The gong knows no idea of ​​dissonance or illness. It goes into resonance with the always healthy place in the human body and strengthens it. As a result, the human cells vibrate at a higher frequency. Joy, for example, has a high vibration. We are then in a good mood. Sadness and fear are low vibrations. In meditation, the person can also establish and strengthen contact with this place within himself.
Carry the knowledge within you that we are able to change our thoughts and change our lives. Say to yourself: "I firmly resolve to lead a life in perfect health!" And trust that the universe will support you.