Why can't we just make money

Why not just print more money for debt?


I have always been interested in this question and have not yet found an answer to it. Can someone explain this to me please? ;-)

When can a state print "money"? Can he just throw it on the printing press and print money? I realize that the more money there is in circulation, the more it loses in value (inflation).

My only concern is whether a state can just print money like that when it wants to?

Whats up with Germany ? Can DE just print money? Probably not, right? Because DE is in the EU and the other EU countries will certainly have something against it.

But the Americans are independent and print as much as they want, right? Does the state also have to "announce" if it wants to print money? So notify someone?

If a state can easily print money that easily, then that is "perfect". The state can go into debt without end and then it simply prints money and thereby automatically "sinks" its debt. Is this thought correct or totally nonsense? ;-)

Oh yes, one last question: If the state goes here now and prints money, e.g. US $. How should one know or evaluate that this currency US $ is worth so and so much. How do you do that?