Why are chatbots hot now

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A further development of the simple bot is an adaptive robot based on artificial intelligence. The so-called machine learning enables the chatbots to answer inquiries outside of the standard questions by understanding certain connections from the context. The bot learns more and more through user feedback and is able to carry out complex interactions. Often the user does not even notice that he is chatting with a bot. Bots that can communicate with natural language, such as Alexa or Siri, have evolved into virtual assistants. They are not designed for a specific function, but serve to cover a large number of tasks and to respond to the needs of the respective user. In principle, a chatbot can be understood as a machine interface between people and information. Automated communication with the customer is particularly efficient in areas in which similar questions are asked over and over again and can provide good support for human workers. Costs and resources can be saved in the long term and the quality of service can also be improved with good bots, as the customer receives answers in seconds.

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There will certainly be many exciting innovations and developments in this area in 2018 as well. On this page you will always find the latest news and exciting articles on the topic of chatbots.