Does every supermarket give out free samples

Free items, gifts & product samples (May 2021)

For louderFree items, product samples and cashback promotions have you lost track? Use our practical list and get free stuff from different areas. On this page you will find all current promotions - sorted by categories and expiration date. Have fun browsing, discovering and trying out! You can also use the filter function to display the actions you want directly.


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Free products and gifts just like that?

Whole magazine subscriptions, shopping vouchers or high-quality cosmetics - and all of that for free? For most of the promotions that we have clearly listed for you here, you don't actually have to pay anything. However, it is precisely with casback promotions necessary that you step in advance. This means that you buy a product in stores (or order it on the Internet) and first have to pay for it yourself. You will then be credited the purchase price either directly to your bank account or in a special app. But what is the difference between a cashback promotion and a free gift and what is meant by "online promotion"?

  • App: You will receive a product, voucher or service for free for installation and registration in an app.
  • Bonus deal: Bonus deals are special promotions that you can find exclusively at
  • Cashback promotion: You buy a certain promotional product, upload the receipt in an app or on a promotional website and then get the purchase price refunded.
  • Free gift: For the purchase of certain promotional products or for reaching a minimum purchase value, you will receive a gift for purchase.
  • Online action: For online campaigns, you either have to fill out order forms online or register online for certain campaigns in order to then receive the respective bonus.
  • sample: Product samples are usually very small and only provide a foretaste of the actual product. You can either request this online or often take it with you directly from the respective dealer.

Do you know any actions that are still missing from the list? Feel free to write us your ideas in the comments so that we can expand the overview accordingly!