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Night King

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Night King


The Night King (in the original: Night King) is a supporting character from the fourth season of game of Thrones. He is played by Richard Brake in the fourth and fifth season, in the sixth season Vladimir Furdik takes on this. The Night King appears for the first time for a brief moment in the episode "Oath Keeper" and is present at the Hartheim massacre. He has been the leader of the White Walkers since his creation by the Children of the Forest in the Age of Dawn.

In the series


The Night King was a First Man before he was transformed. He was captured by the children of the forest, including Blatt, and tied and gagged to a weirwood tree. Leaf shoves an obsidian dagger into his chest. His eyes change and he becomes the first white walker. With the hikers they wanted to stop and defend the first humans with whom they were at war.[1]

The Night King first appears in a vision that Bran Stark has when he uses his green vision to make contact with the weirwood tree. He experiences a flood of images and visions from the past, present and future. One of these pictures shows a vision from the future of the Night King walking towards Craster's last child on an altar made of ice.[2]

A white wanderer approaches an icy altar surrounded by large icy spikes and places the baby, Craster's last son, on the altar. In the distance, a group of 13 black-clad white walkers is revealed. One of them breaks out of the midst of their number and approaches the altar to lift the human child on his arm. The baby is instantly reassured and stares into the night king's face. He puts his index finger on the baby's cheek, the child's eyes change and suddenly turn bright blue and icy, which causes his skin to turn pale. This finally reveals the secret of what happened to Craster's other sons.[3]

Season 5

The Night King appears a second time at Hartheim, where Jon Schnee and Tormund Riesentod coordinate the evacuation of the wildlings. He appears to be leading or at least observing the attack. Together with other hikers, he watches the tumult of battle on a cliff and watches as Jon Snow kills a hiker with his sword made of Valyrian steel. When Jon Tormund and the rest of the defenders flee on the last boat, the Night King walks along the landing stage and looks Jon straight in the eye. The night king Jon Schnee demonstrates his power with a mere lift of his arms by bringing all the dead wildlings back to life as revenants.[4]

Season 6

In a vision, Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven see how the White Walkers and the Night King were created from one of the First Men by the Children of the Forest. Bran confronts Blatt with what he has seen. This justifies the actions of the children of the forest with the fact that they were defeated in the war with the First Men and tried to defend themselves.

In another vision, Bran encounters an army of revenants when he decides to connect to the roots of the weirwood tree. Behind the revenant he comes up against a leadership team of white wanderers, led by the Night King. Bran realizes that the Night King suddenly recognizes him and takes his arm. With this, Bran bears the mark of the Night King, a pale blue stain, on his arm. According to the Three-Eyed Raven, the Night King can use it to track them down and the cave under the Great Weirwood Tree is no longer a safe place, which is why Bran, Meera Reet and Hodor have to leave the caves.

Under the leadership of the Night King, the White Walkers and their army go to the cave under the weirwood tree. The efforts of the children of the forest to stop the White Walkers with fire magic only work for a short time and they have to retreat into the cave. The Night King sends out his army of revenants who invade the interior. While Meera tries to protect Bran and flees, she defends herself against one of the White Walkers and kills him with a spear. All the children of the forest and Bran's direwolf, Sommer, die trying to protect Bran. The Night King penetrates the cave under the weirwood tree and kills the three-eyed raven. He sends the remaining revenants into the tunnel to kill Bran, Meera, and Blatt. Blatt sacrifices herself, taking some revenants with her. When Meera calls out, Hodor holds the gate to the entrance of the cave.[1]

The Night King appears several times in Bran's visions of past events after the Three-Eyed Raven transferred his knowledge to Bran. You can see how the Night King transforms one of Craster's sons, the Hartheim massacre happens and the Night King is transformed by the children of the forest.[5]

Season 7

The Night King marches with his revenant army and the White Wanderers on Ostwacht. The army of the undead also includes giants. [6]

Bran Stark uses his warg powers to control ravens. The ravens fly over Ostwacht and explore the surrounding area. In doing so, he discovers the army of the undead. When the Night King sees the ravens, the bond between Bran and the ravens is broken. [7]

The army of the dead fights against Jon Snow and his men. Daenerys Targaryen unexpectedly appears to her rescue with her three dragons. A white wanderer hands an ice spear to the Night King. This is getting ready for a throw. He throws the spear and hits Viserion with it, who immediately goes to the ground and sinks into the water. Jon tells Daenerys to fly because the Night King has the next spear ready. Daenerys hesitates because she doesn't want to leave Jon behind. But then she decides to flee and Drogon flies off. The Night King throws a second time, but Drogon can dodge.

The revenants pull the body of Viserion out of the water. The Night King puts his hand on Viserion's head and transforms it. Viserion opens his eyes, which are now blue like those of a revenant.[8]

The army of the undead is marching towards East Watch. They are being watched by Beric Dondarrion and Tormund. The army stopped a few meters from the wall. Suddenly the Night King comes flying over to Viserion and begins to attack the wall. Slowly but surely, the wall is being destroyed until it finally falls. This allows the undead army to pass the wall and march into the land south of the wall.[9]

Season 8

The army of revenants reaches Last Hearth Fortress and kills all Umber's guards. Ned Umber's body is hung on a wall in a hall along with a number of limbs. When Ned comes to life, he is killed by Beric Dondarrion and his flaming sword.[10]




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