Is YouTube audio of high quality

Save music in better quality

Markus Pilzweger

You can find tons of music on Youtube that you can download legally for free. But in order to be able to play them more often, the video or at least its audio track must first be on the home hard drive.



Time required:



The Firefox add-on Mediaconverter, a combined download and conversion tool, offers a particularly convenient way to save YouTube videos or, alternatively, just the music they contain.

That's how it's done: First install the extension as described at Then select the official music video of a track at and click the media converter button next to the Firefox address bar. In the window that opens here, select WAV or MP3 as the target format and in the next step leave all quality settings at the default values ​​- you will get the original quality.

Improve quality: In many cases there is a higher quality version that sounds clearer and more differentiated. You can recognize such files by the "HQ" button next to the progress bar. If you want to download this version, however, you will get the error message "Couldn’t convert the file" - the file cannot be converted. Youtube is responsible for this, because the operator has prevented the download in higher quality - with regard to MP3 services such as iTunes, with which Youtube works, as well as the music industry.

But there is a solution here too. Play the file in high quality while recording the soundtrack through the sound card. The easiest way to do this is with the open source tool Audacity. To do this, set the input level on the microphone slider to a level that is not too high. After you have finished and edited the recording, you should mark the entire recording and bring it to a standard volume before saving ("Effect, normalize").