Whatever happened to short shorts for boys


Instructions for sewing shorts

Has this ever happened to you: Are you looking for a specific item of clothing and can't get it anywhere? DIY fans don't despair in such situations. You grab the bull by the horns and simply sew the part yourself. If you are not yet that practiced, then a simple project is for sew short pants precisely.

Look for one of the beautiful ones here on the page Instructions out. Often times, the cuts are available in several sizes or are so general that you can easily fit them into yours Desired size can convert. Description and pattern are available as an e-book immediately after payment and can be printed out at any time as required. In the descriptions you will find information and photos of the exact work steps. Sample photos show you how the model can look with different fabrics. The material quantities and accessories are given in the attached material lists.

Preparation for sewing shorts

First you print this out Sewing pattern and find out how much fabric is needed. If you want to sew a pair of shorts for your little darling, then you only need very little fabric. Maybe just a little bit of nice cotton or some jersey from another project will do. All simple models are only held on the stomach with an elastic band. They have no buttons or zippers and can be reworked by beginners without any problems. Depending on the model, you will need the following materials for sewing shorts:

  • Fabric for the upper
  • Lining fabric for bags
  • Sewing thread
  • Elastic for threading or sewing
  • possibly buttons or drawstrings

Once you have everything together, the sewing fun can begin.

Sewing shorts for children

Shorts for children should be comfortable, robust and easy to care for. Therefore, choose the right fabrics right away. Cotton fabrics are best. They are offered in countless colors and patterns. Colorful patterns don't take stains from playing and snacking so badly, even if the color of the chocolate ice cream is a bit more persistent. Corduroy is wonderfully soft and a little thicker. It is suitable for robust play pants. Leather is practically indestructible, but more difficult to work with. With a little practice, you can sew several shorts at once. So there is always something to change. If the pattern is available in several sizes, it is worth keeping it safe. You can then sew new pants for your child every year. You simply adapt the fabrics and decorations to the current fashion.

Chic shorts for mom

These loyal companions are ideal in summer. You quickly pull them over when you go out to eat in the garden or in the swimming pool. If you sew the shorts yourself, you can adapt them perfectly to your wardrobe. To do this, select the appropriate fabric and decorate the whole thing with selected buttons, eyelets or trendy stickers. Occasionally, difficulties arise while sewing that you cannot solve on your own. Have a look at the Video courses on the pages to see whether there is a corresponding video. The detailed courses for beginners also describe how to use the tools. There are special and advanced courses on offer for advanced learners. Creative ideas make your pants unique, such as:

  • Patchwork inserts
  • Iron-on transfers
  • Embroidery
  • Decorative stripes
  • Rhinestones or gemstones

Make small gifts yourself

Once you have some sewing experience, you can do small ones Gifts make for your friends or their children. When sewing for children, keep in mind that the little ones grow quickly and it is best to still admit a size. If there is a little more fabric, it might be enough for a chic top, a funny shoulder bag or a small wallet. Or you sew for Mom and daughter shorts made of the same fabric. Then the recipients are sure to be even more happy about the beautiful things. Have fun sewing shorts!