Deletes old Gmail emails

Storage space on Google: Delete old messages on Gmail

As a Google user, you have 15 GB of storage space available free of charge. It might make sense to delete older emails that don't need to be kept from your Gmail account. To do this, you have to enter a certain search phrase in the search field - depending on whether you want to delete the entire mailbox with mails before a certain date - or only mails under a certain label. So it can make sense to move all emails that are irrelevant in terms of time to a label, which you can then confidently delete completely at some point. Furthermore, you should know the trick of how to delete all old mails with a single click - although it is very easy, you can search for a long time…. Here is how it goes:

Step 1: Select emails in Gmail by date

  • To select mails from a certain label, enter the following command in the search field above:
    labelname before: year / month / day (for example sent before: 2015/12/31)
  • In order to select the complete inbox, enter the following command shortly:
    before: year / month / day (for example before: 2015/12/31)

Step 2: Delete all selected mails with one click

  • First, use the box at the top left in the selection menu (click on the small triangle) to mark "All"
  • The text now appears in the top bar: “All 100 conversations on this page are selected. Select all xxxxxx conversations in "General" "
  • Click on "Select all xxxx conversations"
  • Now you delete the mails by clicking on the trash. Google asks again if you really want that - and if you confirm, all selected emails will be moved to the trash.
Delete all selected conversations (click on the image to enlarge)
Check the storage space (click on the image to enlarge)

Is it worth deleting all older mails to free up space?

I currently have around 18,000 emails in my Googlemail mailbox. This occupies almost 7 GB in my Google storage. Since I only use Google Drive for certain files and I content myself with the free quality of Google Photos, that's not a problem. I use a paid account with Dropbox because my contacts, with whom I sometimes share files, are more familiar with Dropbox than with Google Drive.

To check your own storage space in your Google account, scroll down to the bottom of your Gmail account under “Settings” “General”. There you will find the total Google Drive storage space at the bottom left. If you click on "Manage" you will find the breakdown for Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos.

And here is another video that helped me to find the function how to delete all selected mails with one click. Yes, many of them do not see the forest for the trees on Google 🙂


By Eva Siefeldt

For almost twenty years in the "free wilderness" Eva Siefeldt founded both a registered cooperative for business start-ups in 2004 and an academy for the training of social media entrepreneurs in 2011. For a long time she was a lecturer and trainer for marketing, communication and social media. Today she works as a coach for people in professional change. Your strength is to accept current situations, to recognize visions and to develop strategies together with your clients, which also prove themselves in practice. Mobile: 0176 80528749 - Email: [email protected]