What is the name of a New Zealand accent

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Hey Keswick,
Thank you very much for all of your help here. And yes, that helped me a lot. Because I would like to learn the accent a little and beforehand I didn't even know what kind of accent it was supposed to be. Now I know a lot. The video with Chris and Liam is very good. To be honest, I don't even understand everything because the accent is really crazy

Are you actually English or did you just move to England with your family?
I think it's cool that you live there. Definitely very nice.

What is SBE?

And do you happen to have a "real" video with the Yorkshire accent or do you know series / films?

Cool, I didn't know about Sting. He's actually one of my all-time favorite singers (the only one in my circle of friends), but I hardly know anything about him as a person. I wonder if his songs would have sounded different if he hadn't changed his accent on purpose. In his case it was probably not that bad to get used to the "normal" English.

Briefly to me even if it doesn't really matter. I always hated English at school and never paid attention back then. I somehow cheated my way through, but even when I graduated from high school I didn't understand a single word. Then I always learned one evening before the exam (short-term memory) and only the things that were important for the exam. Still went out with a 5. And then I learned English within 5 months with a book + CDs from Langenscheidt for my trip. (According to Langenscheidt B1). I got along pretty well in New Zealand, especially considering that I spoke 0 English beforehand. And of course I improved my English a lot during my trip. And now I'm an English fan and I never regret paying attention back then