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Tile trends

Tiles conquer the balcony and terrace

The classic tiles are increasingly conquering the outdoor area and are increasingly found on the terrace and balcony in current trends. The tough life outdoors is not a problem for solid porcelain stoneware. Large formats, in particular, are a new trend and are now increasingly being used outdoors. Some new laying techniques have also been added: The tiles are laid loosely on a bed of gravel or simply on the (flat) grass floor.

Modern cement-look tiles

Cement tiles were found in many entrance areas and hallways at the turn of the last century and were very popular because of their ornamental, flowery look and delicate pastel colors. Unfortunately, they were also very maintenance-intensive and not very resilient, which is why they quickly disappeared from the scene again.

Modern cement-look tiles take up the design of these impressive classics and reinterpret them. Problems with high cleaning effort, sensitivity or low durability no longer exist with the modern ceramic descendants - they are robust and easy to care for for decades. In addition to the entrance areas, the popular tile designs in modern tile trends have long since conquered living spaces.

The trends in terms of tiles also include rustic country house designs. Tiles with a perfectly imitated real wood look, where everything is right. Even the feel of the tiles is impressive. Tiles with a used look with slight signs of weathering and the charm of old wood are also particularly popular. They conjure up a touch of vintage in living rooms and provide a magically rustic flair.

Concrete optics as a new objectivity

Tiles with a concrete look also play an important role in industrial design, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. They appear cool, sober and businesslike, but with their slightly cloudy designs and their restraint they also create a very high-quality impression that goes well with clear lines and geometric shapes in the furnishings. Minimalistly furnished rooms in particular benefit from this look.

Tiles with a high-gloss look are also part of the current tile trends. In addition to the timeless classics, they have been conquering kitchens in particular, but also living spaces in recent years. Almost everything is possible here - from simple, subtle designs with a slight structure to strong contrasts and strong colors - to turquoise, gold or purple.

Mosaics - timelessly beautiful

Mosaics have never really gone out of style. As a loosening up for large formats laid with very narrow joint widths, as an accent covering, but also as a tile covering for floor-level showers, you can find mosaic tiles across all rooms.

The current designs focus even more on color mixes and different surfaces, and there is also more choice when it comes to tile formats. Mix & Match is also one of the hip trends, especially when it comes to mosaics.

There are also numerous other innovative design options with tiles - just get inspiration on our website or in one of our branches near you. Or make an appointment for a consultation and let our expert advisors show you the trend tiles.