Why do people uphold double standards

For the first time, as Pope, Francis has spoken out in favor of same-sex civil partnerships. "Homosexual people have the right to be in a family. They are children of God," he said in an interview for the documentary "Francesco", which premiered at the Rome Film Festival on Wednesday.

"What we need is a registered partnership law; that way you are legally protected."

As Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Francis had already spoken out in favor of same-sex civil partnerships as an alternative to same-sex marriages. As Pope, however, he had not yet commented on it.

The director of "Francesco", Evgeni Afinejewski, was able to access the television archive of the Vatican, cardinals and the Pope himself for the documentary.

Argentine mate tea for the predecessor

With perseverance he made his way to the very top, so Afinejewski. For example, he was able to convey Argentine mate tea and alfajores biscuits to the Pope through Argentinians who were well connected in the Vatican. He has been using official and unofficial channels for the documentary film since 2018 and ultimately got so close to the Pope that he was able to show Francis the film on his tablet in August.

You can only achieve something in the Vatican if you break the rules and then apologize, Afinejewski said in an interview before the film premiere.

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