Jeremy Corbyn is a communist

Great Britain : Labor is moving to the left

The battle for the leadership of the Labor Party in Great Britain is getting tougher and more exciting. An internal poll confirmed the growing lead of ultra-left Labor MP Jeremy Corbyn. More and more unions are now recommending his choice. Betting offices are also assuming his victory.

The Labor Party, which under Tony Blair moved into the center with great electoral success and suffered a heavy defeat in May under left party leader Ed Miliband, could drift far to the left - into political sideline, as many Labor MPs believe.

"A Corbyn victory would doom our world to a Tory future," warned Yvette Cooper, "one of the three candidates next to Corbyn. “It's high time we got serious in the Labor Party.” Labor MP John Mann called for the current election campaign to be broken off. “The electoral process is completely out of control. A farce, ”he said.

Communists and Greens infiltrate the party

While the career politicians in the House of Commons clap their hands over their heads, the party base seems to be gripped by "Corbyn fever". A majority of the districts have already spoken out in favor of the left hardliner. More seriously, the party organization has reportedly been "infiltrated" by up to 140,000 new party members, including left-wing groups such as the Communists and the Greens.

According to the new rules, with which the resigned previous party leader Ed Miliband wanted to make the party more democratic, three pounds are enough for a solidarity membership that entitles them to take part in the electoral process. It is not only used by ultra-left romantics. Tory supporters like Daily Telegraph columnist Dan Hodges also enter. “The left claims that Corbyn is what the British want. Let's make him Labor leader and see what happens, ”he wrote in his newspaper.

Some believe that Corbyn would destroy Labor. But his real fans believe in a renaissance of the anti-capitalist left and cite the election successes of Syriza in Greece or the Scottish SNP as examples. Corbyn, 66 years old, a backbencher shunned by generations of Labor party leaders for persistent rebellion, is said to be the authentic voice of a new popular uprising against banks, austerity and the arms industry.

What happens if Corbyn is actually proclaimed as the new party leader at a special party conference on September 12? “We are at a crossroads,” warns another candidate, Andy Burnham, indicating that the party could split. Many would simply refuse allegiance to Jeremy Corbyn. Insiders believe that Corbyn wouldn't even get a shadow cabinet together. The coup against the new boss would begin on the day of his election.

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