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What permissions do I need before building a house?

If you want to build a new home, you must get planning permission from your local authority before you start construction. It is important that you obtain the legal permissions [/ simple_tooltip] in which you can have the risk of penalties in the form of fines, as well as imprisonment or demolition of the structure. German: www.tab.fzk.de/de/projekt/zombinationf...ng/ab117.htm. English: www.tab.fzk.de/en/projekt/z togetherf...ng/ab117.htm It is important if the construction is not legally permissible.

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The following permissions are required before a house is built. (Applicable from case to case, location of the installation site and type of construction)

* 01 Non-Agricultural Land Permit for Residential Use (from Revenue Authority, District Collector, DDO, or TDO / BDO)

* 02 . Building permit from the local authority (municipality or area administration authority, Panchayat)

* 03. Fire department: No contradiction by fire officers is more important, especially with high-rise buildings.

* 04 Environment - Environmental approval is required for a very large project. Large plans with 20,000 square meters of construction area require environmental protection. If you are buying an apartment in such a large scheme, make sure that your builder has obtained that permit.

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** 05 Airport Authority: It is required if and only if your website comes up in the area of ​​the "funnel" near the airport i.e. Area in which the landing and take-off of aircraft happens. It doesn't matter whether you are in a city, Gamtal, industry or rural area. There is a height restriction in the funnel zone.

** 06. Railways: Required if your property is adjacent to the railroad. Most of the time it is not possible to build within 30.00 m from the railway border to the old Gamtalen in the city area.

** 07. Highways: You need 9.00 m to 75.00 m edge from the middle of the road (land width) to proposed construction depending on the types of highway, i.e. whether it is a national highway, state highway, major county road, other county road or village road and again, whether it is a whole, communal or open rural agricultural area.

** 08. H.T. Electrical Lines: According to Indian Electricity Law, you must have the minimum horizontal and vertical margin of H.T. leave. Rows depending on the voltage load capacity.

** 09. Irrigation: From irrigation channels, you must also offer a minimum grade of an average of 30.00 m in rural areas.

* 10 [simple_tooltip content = "The scientific study of the material remains (such as fossil relics, artifacts and monuments) of past human life and activities."] Archeology [/ simple_tooltip]: You cannot make a construction within 30.00 m of protected archeology websites . Different sites have different rules and it is recommended that you contact the authority.

* 11 Coastal area zone: According to coastal area regulations, you must have a 15.00 m to 500.00 m margin depending on the location of the property i.e. gamtal, rural, urban, semi-urban and whether it is along the coast or a few kilometers from the coast.

* Permissions are required.

** There is basically "no objection" subject to basic margin regulations, as applicable, when ownership is within that zone.

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