Dogs understand the concept of dance

Dog sport: dog dance

Admittedly, Rookie's interpretation of the Grease slayer Danny has a different focus than that of John Travolta. Instead of swinging the hips and an oiled quiff, he inspires his audience with frenetic, permanent wagging of the tail and rapid dance figures on four paws. The Golden Retriever and his mistress Carolyn Scott are among the most successful dog dance duos worldwide. Anyone who has ever seen her Feelgood number "You're the one that I want" from the musical Grease will immediately notice the first tingling symptoms of the dog dance virus. However, there is still a long way to go before a freshly baked pair of dancers can achieve such brilliant performances.

With dog dance training, dog and owner are positively motivated

The special thing about this path is that it does not consist of cramped ambition and drill, but on the contrary has the playful ease of a dance. Training with the right music makes you relaxed and in a good mood; it can take place anytime and anywhere and does not depend on helpers or training facilities. We work with a lot of motivation and positive reinforcement. The result is visible to everyone: a dog that works out of sheer, bubbling joy, who prances lightly and never takes its happy, bright dog eyes from its partner. It goes without saying that shared experiences of this quality are not limited to training, but are also reflected in the everyday dog ​​life of the human-dog team.

Dogdance - not just for super sporty dogs

These experiences are by no means reserved for the gifted Border Collies and their super sporty owners. On the contrary: dog dance is perhaps the only dog ​​sport that can be practiced by everyone without exception. There is a wide repertoire of elements that are ultimately combined into a fluid, imaginative choreography or even an entire musical scene: walking by foot; Twists; Running sideways, backwards or slalom through people's legs, rolling, bowing, jumping over people's arms or funny trick elements. Whether it's a sporty and artistic number to the techno beat, a funny show to swing or touching music to the film: There are hardly any limits to creativity.