What is the average garage door size

The right garage size for every purpose

Around 85 - 90% of all garages are presumably ordered in standard sizes: single garages usually with a height between 2.40 to 2.60 m, around 6 m in length and around 3 m in width - double garages correspondingly wider.

However, there are always applications in which these standard dimensions do not “work”. But the well-known prefabricated garage supplier ZAPF also has suitable models for this - because the selection of garage sizes is huge!

After all, for good reason, ZAPF advertises with the advertising statement "Germany's No. 1 - ZAPF-Garagen delivers the best-selling prefabricated concrete garage nationwide."

Regardless of whether the car has unusual dimensions or the specific layout of the garage property requires a special solution: Sometimes it just has to be a garage with special dimensions!

Anyone who assumes that with such special requirements it has to be an individually bricked garage is mistaken, however. Prefabricated garages are also available in many special sizes. The renowned supplier ZAPF in particular has a seemingly endless portfolio of models - from very small to huge. The right prefabricated garage is guaranteed for practically every usage situation!

If the garage has to be particularly narrow, ZAPF offers models with a width of 2.75 m. If, on the other hand, the garage is to be particularly wide, 6.50 m is also possible at the other end of the scale. The length varies from 5.50 m for particularly short plots to 9.13 m long “stretch” garage. ZAPF garages vary in height from 2.46 m for normal cars and requirements to 3.50 m high garages for sprinters or special vehicles.

On the homepage of the Garagenwelt website, under the heading “Dimensions”, there is a dimension selection tool that is the easiest to use to understand the enormous range of garage dimensions in the ZAPF Garagenwelt - and it is particularly convenient to find the best 'fitting' model can be preselected. The best thing to do is click right away!