What inspires girls to wear bikinis

The 6 Worst Mistakes You Can Make When Buying a Bikini

1. Shopping mistake: you buy your bikini too big

For fear of emphasizing supposed "problem areas", many women tend to buy their bikini or bathing suit too loose-fitting. Not a good idea, because the fabric stretches in the water. Frequent wearing also wears it out quickly.

Our tip: When buying beachwear, make sure that it is a little tight rather than too loose - then you will have something from it for longer.

2. Shopping mistake: You don't know your body type

Pear, apple, hourglass or sporty-androgynous: you have no idea what body type you are? Not a good prerequisite for finding the perfect bikini. Because if you don't know which cuts flatter your body, you are more likely to experience frustration when shopping.

Our tip: Any body type can look great in swimwear. In the following you will find out which cuts go best with your body.

3. Shopping mistake: You start looking too late

The new beachwear trends always hit stores in April. If you only start searching in August, you will only get goods that no one else wanted.

Our tip: Are there certain labels whose swimwear you love? Subscribe to their newsletter - then you will stay up to date on all new additions and you can strike in good time. Here's a little bit of label inspiration too:

4. Shopping mistake: You choose the wrong day to shop or try on

Are you stressed, in a bad mood, in a hurry or generally feeling uncomfortable? Then please go home and crumble on the couch with your favorite series - but definitely don't consider bikini shopping!

Our tip: Unfortunately, we women tend to see supposed physical flaws where there aren't any. You should therefore only buy or try on bikinis if you are in a positive mood. It is best to try on in front of the mirror at home and with good lighting - not in the merciless neon light of a narrow changing room. And be careful: Always clarify in advance how it is with the right of exchange. In most online shops you can now return bikinis and swimsuits - provided the hygiene seal is intact.

5. Shopping mistake: You always buy beachwear in black

Sure, black makes you look slim - but it can also look boring pretty quickly. In addition, black can quickly become quite hard, especially on pale skin types.

Our tip: Be braver! Once you've found your perfect cut, you can also experiment with colors and patterns. After all, beachwear should be one thing: to be fun and to make the time in the outdoor pool, at the lake or on the beach even more beautiful.

6. Shopping Mistake: You have unrealistic expectations

The daily consumption of supposedly perfectly built and tanned people on Instagram & Co. quickly leads to frustration when trying out a bikini - you always have in mind what a beach body supposedly should look like.

Our tip: Free yourself from comparisons with others. You're beautiful - that's that. If all else fails: Upload a photo from your last vacation to your smartphone: You, laughing and happy on the beach or pool. That lifts the mood and the ego immediately.