At what age are relationships important

Age difference in a relationship: when does age become a problem?

How do you feel about the subject Age difference in a relationship? Most likely, you have a clear opinion on this.
Greed for money, midlife crisis or father complex, hardly any other relationship topic can be answered any more prejudices Find.
But are our clichéd views correct? Does age really play such an important and big role in love?
With which Challenges Couples with age gap in everyday life struggle with that Advantages and disadvantages such a relationship and 10 tips how it can work. We have that and a lot more summarized for you:

4 prejudices about age-gap couples

Relationships with a large age difference are quickly pigeonholed by society. Few of them question whether their prejudices are justified or whether age simply doesn't matter because it is real love.

Our society regards relationships in which the partner is more than 10 years older as an exception to the general norm.

Do you know the typical prejudices that a couple with a large age difference has to struggle with? Here the four classics:

1. A woman falls in love with a much older woman:

This directly implies that the woman is only after the man's money, or else has a father complex.

2. OneWoman falls in love with a much younger man:

He's just the toy boy for in between or she doesn't get along well with her age.

3. OneMan falls in love with a much younger woman:

He acts as a sugar daddy or suffers from a midlife crisis and has to strengthen his market value.

4. A man falls in love with yousignificantly older woman:

The assumption that he has a mother complex is quite large.

How big can the age difference be in a relationship?

Men are looking for women who are the same age or younger, while for women, age is a real deal breaker in a man. Why is that? Corresponding preferences are a product of evolution.
Different preferences and expectations of a relationship are partly primal instincts. Because of these desirable prerequisites of the individual genders, it is implied that men are looking for a younger woman and women are looking for an older man.
But how big can the age difference be in a relationship?
This is what statistics say:

An age difference of up to 10 years is not a problem.

  1. With an age difference of 5 years lies that Separation risk on average at 18%
  2. Are the partners lying ten years apart that rises Risk of separation on 39%
  3. In general, it can be assumed that the lower the age difference, the lower the likelihood of separation.

A large age difference is more the exception than the rule

  1. Just 6% all couples separated age difference of more than ten years
  2. About the half (47%) only has one small age difference from 1-3 years
  3. Jevery tenth couple is accurate the same age

Of course, exceptions always prove the rule and love doesn't care about statistics. They give tendencies due to various factors, however most importantly stay how old you feel.
Nice to know: While among the married couples the classic age constellation dominates: In 74% of marriages the man is older than his wife, is in illegitimate partnerships significantly more often (23%) the woman older than the man.

What are the challenges with a large age difference?

That a big difference in age no barrier Must be for a successful relationship not only show diverse celebrity relationships.
French President Emmanuel Macron and his Brigitte are 25 years apart, and George and Amal Cloney are 17 years apart.
Relationships with a large age gap are becoming more and more common not only among celebrities, but also among us normal people.
Even so, sooner or later some will Challenges to come towards you.

The partner's early death

This is definitely a topic that couples with a large age difference have to deal with, because unfortunately every body has an expiration date.

Different living standards

You may be at the beginning of your career while your partner has achieved all kinds of things. That can be done quickly Controversial issue become.

Different needs and desires

While the younger partner often has his whole life ahead of him, Doing things and to travel maybe would like to re-orientate themselves professionally, or would like to move to another city, the older partner has already experienced a lot in his life, maybe already thinking about his pension and rather longs for Quiet and Constancy in his life.

The sex

Men are often afraid of becoming physically weaker, while many women fear being abandoned for a younger lady. If one of the partners is significantly younger than the other, he usually also has other sexual needs. If these can no longer be satisfied, there is always the risk that one of the two partners will cheat.

Family planning

This mainly affects relationships in which the woman is significantly older. While men can still father children well into old age, the biological clock in women is up by the age of 50 at the latest.

Few mutual friends

Even the circles of friends of both partners tend not to overlap if the age difference is greater. It often happens that the younger partner is from the circle of friends of the older one not accepted becomes. The older partner, on the other hand, often feels like being with the friends of the younger one uncomfortable and out of place.

Less common life experience

It's clear: the closer the age of both partners, the more experiences they can share with each other. This sharing demonstrably promotes the relationship with the partner. If a couple lacks these similarities due to the large age gap, it can quickly become too mutual incomprehension come.

Other values

People who grow up in different times become vshaped by different values. In relationships with a large age difference, it often happens that the older partner tries to raise the younger partner and teach him his own values.

Older woman, younger man - what do we feel so critical about it?

In 74% of German marriages the man is older than his wife.
So while the concept of “older man and younger woman” seems to be quite normal, the opposite variant makes people sit up and take notice.
Why do we see the relationship between an older woman and a significantly younger man so much more critically?
To look at the whole thing from the side of the older woman:

The younger partner is full of vitality, maybe a little insecure, just in search for someone to help him with his To bundle strengths and talents. For Women a younger partner is no Replacement for a son, a Status symbol and certainly not a little goodie for in between as a distraction.
A older woman, those who enter into a relationship with a younger man no longer long for stability and security, because they have already experienced that. Much more longs you yourselfto a man who more want, than just going to work and watching TV.
It's about joie de vivre, activity and agility.

Age Difference Relationships: 8 Tips How To Make It Work

In relationships with a large age gap, there are some additional challenges to overcome.
These 10 tips you should therefore note:

1. Honesty and communication

As in any other relationship, honest communication is Alpha and Omega for success. Talk about your own feelings, desires, and problems. A solution can be found for almost every problem, you just have to talk about it!

2. Find compromises

The greater the age difference, the greater the difference in needs and interests. It is therefore particularly important for the relationship to succeed anyway to respond to the wishes of both parties and Find compromises, with whom both happy are.

3. Leave enough space

A compromise does not have to be found for everything. Accept your different groups of friends and hobbies. If both partners can continue to pursue their own interests, it is not a sign of alienation. With mutual trust, it makes it yours relationship and your love all the more stronger.

4. Maintain common ground

Despite the different hobbies and needs, spend as many moments as possible together. Do you both like art? Then look specifically for exhibitions that interest you both. Time together is the basis for a functioning partnership. It strengthens and deepens your relationship.

5. Build trust

Fear of loss are currently in partnerships with a large age difference Theme. Especially the older of both partners often lives in a constant fear of being exchanged for a younger specimen. Trust in mutual love is therefore particularly important!

6. Clearly define future plans

The large age gap not only creates challenges in the here and now, but can also put a strain on your future together. So that there is no disappointment and misunderstanding, you should start from the beginning communicate clearlyhow you imagine growing old together.
Do you still want children? Where do you want to live? And who earns the money when one of them retires?

7. Defy role stereotypes

While you are against the prejudices of your environment and do not fall into role stereotypes. It is important that you meet on the same level despite your age difference. Falling into Father daughter or Mother-son role relationships otherwise can quickly to Reason for separation become.

8. Sticking together

Not everyone around you will find your relationship good. You will find yourself willy-nilly with all of the typical Prejudice have to deal with partnerships with a large age gap. It is especially important that you hold both together and ein a strong team are!

Advantages and disadvantages of an age-gap relationship

Of course, as with any other relationship model, there are also advantages and disadvantages here.
We have the most important summarized:

Advantages of a relationship with a large age difference

  • The younger partner can benefit from the life experience learn of the elder.
  • The older partner benefits from the Love of life and energy of the younger partner.
  • Option to a happy relationship; because a relationship with a large age difference is often made consciously.
  • Because of mutual understanding and consideration, these relationships become essential more intense and with very strong feelings guided.
  • stability and Maturity are granted by the older partner.
  • Older men can certainly do this at a later age Desire to have children meet the woman.
  • Both sides bring it all different properties and experience into the relationship: that's what she does especially interesting and exciting.

Disadvantages of a relationship with a large age difference

  • Desire to have children. If the woman is significantly older than the man, the biological clock does so Family planning at some point a line through the bill.
  • Physical limitations of the older partner cause you, too limited in leisure activities are.
  • Dealing with death. If there is a large age difference, you must assume that death for the older partner will come much sooner.
  • You are due extremely different periods of life.
  • The older partner often tends to be with his Experience and wisdom to teach.
  • External criticism. Couples with a large age difference are often exposed to many prejudices and incomprehension from their fellow human beings. You have to learn to deal with it!

Conclusion: true love knows no age!

Regardless of whether the age difference is 2, 10 or 20 years: True love knows no age and no limits!
Much more important than your age are yours Feelings and Similarities!
In addition, one says: The longer couples are together, the more the age difference becomes blurred until you ultimately no longer notice it yourself.