What are gamifications

6. Modification vs. mutation

Both the modification as well as the mutation describe Changes in characteristics:

The modification is a change in characteristics due to environmental factors. So it is targeted. This is how the skin turns brown when exposed to intense sunlight. Muscles enlarge as a result of the strain of movement. Such changes are not permanent, however, and they do not affect the DNA in the cell nucleus and especially not the cells of the germ line. Modifications are not inheritable!
Lamarck assumed the inheritance of acquired traits. Lamarckism is therefore considered to be refuted. See also "Lamarckism and Darwinism".
A plant is cloned by dividing the rhizome. This creates two genetically identical plants. Now one plant is cultivated in the mountains and the other on a nutrient-rich wet meadow. The plants will develop very differently.
  • smaller, stocky growth
  • Small leaves (reduction of water evaporation)
  • White fluff on leaves (UV protection)
  • Nutrient-rich, moist
  • shady
  • Strong competition from other plants
  • Tall (to assert oneself against competition),
  • Dark green leaves (lots of chlorophyll to take advantage of the light)
  • A mutation is a change in the DNA that can lead to a change in a characteristic.
    Mutations are always random and not targeted. Such changes are inheritable if cells of the germline are affected.
    Modification = customization
    • Caused by environmental factors
    Mutation and selection = Adaptation of Art
    • Caused by radioactivity, UV radiation, etc.
    • coincidentally
    • hereditary (if the mutation occurs in germ cells)
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