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Historical building materials: Here you will find building materials with a patina

If you want to retain its character when renovating an old house, you will find the right materials and components from specialized providers of historical building materials.

Historic building materials are particularly in demand when renovating old houses - be it because the monument protection requires them, or for aesthetic reasons. But also from an economic or ecological point of view, it makes sense not to simply dispose of historical or used building materials, but to reuse them. We'll tell you where you can buy such old building materials.

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In a narrower sense, historical building materials are those building materials that originate from early or pre-industrial times up to 1940 and that are salvaged in the event of demolition and are suitable for reuse. This includes all forms of wood, doors, windows, stones, glass, iron parts, sewer articles, bricks and stairs.

Just a few decades ago, building materials of historical origin were often simply disposed of for reasons of cost. Today we are aware of their value. Because these historical building materials are also valuable from a cultural point of view, because they document the traditional craftsmanship of bygone eras.

What speaks for historical building materials

There are many reasons to choose historical building materials when renovating old buildings:

  • for the sake of originality
  • from an aesthetic point of view
  • to preserve a piece of artisanal cultural asset
  • for ecological reasons, because that saves resources and energy
  • they are often particularly robust and durable

Where you can buy historical building materials

Entrepreneurs' Association of Historical Building Materials

30 dealers in historical building materials have joined forces in the Unternehmerverband Historische Baustoffe e.V., or UHB for short. They offer building materials from old manual or industrial production, which were usually born when old houses were demolished. This includes windows, doors, stairs, but also brick products, all kinds of wood and hewn natural stones.

On the UHB website you can send a search query to all retailers if you are looking for certain materials.

Component Network offers sources of supply for used building materials

On the "Component Network" page you will also find an overview of companies that have specialized in the trade and reinstallation of historical building materials. There is also a component catalog there, in which you can browse for used building materials and components. Not all of them are historical, but the reuse of younger components also makes perfect economic and ecological sense.

Historic building materials on Ebay

Historical building materials are also sold on Ebay; there is a separate category for them. The offer includes construction elements, old things for garden and park furnishings as well as chimneys, stoves and stoves.

Searching for historical building materials on Ebay classifieds can also be worthwhile. Private people also sell old building materials there that they no longer need.

Historical building materials at "'t Achterhuis" in Holland

It is also worth taking a look at our neighboring countries, for example the Netherlands. "'T Achterhuis" has been selling historical building materials there for over 50 years. In Brabant, more precisely the village of Udenhout, the old materials are sold on an area of ​​30,000 square meters. The website of "'t Achterhuis" offers an overview of everything that can be found and available there.

Tiles and building ceramics based on old models

Golem does not sell old building materials, but uses old methods and models to manufacture building ceramics: There you can get wall and floor tiles, for example from Art Nouveau, as well as hand-painted bricks, shaped stones, terracottas, facing bricks and floor tiles. The products are well suited to supplement missing old elements, such as tile borders in Wilhelminian style buildings.

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