Make grapes for good food

That's why grapes are so healthy

Wonderfully sweet and fresh in taste - grapes are one of the most popular types of fruit and they are also very healthy. But what about the calories and what vitamins do they contain? Here you can read interesting facts about the nutritional value of the fruit.

Grapes: Healthy through secondary plant substances

Many different ingredients make grapes healthy. These include the secondary plant substances resveratrol and OCP (oligomeric procyanidins). Both substances can help lower cholesterol levels. The oligomeric procyanidins are relevant for cell protection. In addition, they promote the absorption of vitamins E and C.

Resveratrol is also important for the cardiovascular system - the plant substance is said to be able to prevent various diseases in this area. It also supports the blood circulation in the body.

Some calories, many vitamins: grapes are valuable

Grapes contain a relatively large amount of fructose. It gives the fruit its delicious sweetness - but also provides some calories. Red grapes have around 70 calories per 100 grams, white around 67. For comparison: apples have around 52 and oranges around 47 calories for the same amount.

Nevertheless, grapes are healthy and the nutritional values ​​are impressive: The fruits contain a lot of potassium, which is important for the body cells and especially for the muscles and nerves. Healthy calcium is also present in the fruit, which helps strengthen bones and teeth. The phosphate contained, however, is not only important for healthy bones, but also for the energy metabolism. Folic acid also makes grapes healthy: it supports the metabolism.

Healthy vitamins can also be found in the grapes - in addition to vitamins C and E, both of which are important for the immune system and cell protection, as well as vitamin B6, which also supports the metabolism.