What is the best SEO tool

The 11 Best SEO Tools

Without search engine optimization, your website will not be found on Google. With these 11 SEO tools you can ensure more visibility online.

# 1 Ryte

Before you analyze the content of your website with SEO tools, the technology is the absolute basis. It is like a car: if the engine is missing, however often the driver can step on the accelerator - the car simply cannot move a meter. So first do the on-page technology check with Ryte before the content is checked for SEO potential.

Checks with the function Website sucess the page except for errors, including in these areas:

  • Loading time
  • Broken Pages
  • Indexability
  • Java Script and CSS files
  • File sizes
  • Url structures

With the Ryte technology check, the technical stability and reliability of the website can be examined down to the smallest detail. However, it should also be said that this is a professional tool that an expert should familiarize himself with. Otherwise all the information and tips in the dashboard will be overwhelming. In addition, it is difficult to prioritize without initial support: What is important, what is more secondary?

In the area Search Success the content parameters can be analyzed:

  • Keyword performance compared to the competition
  • Keyword monitoring to observe the development of certain keywords
  • Rankings after website relaunch

Advantages of Ryte

  • highly detailed analyzes possible
  • Clear, graphically well-prepared structuring of the data
  • WDF * IDF tool integrated
  • professional, fast support

Disadvantages of Ryte

  • Demanding for beginners

Ryte prices

  • individual pricing by contacting us

# 2 Ubersuggest

A king among SEO tools is Ubersuggest. This is a tool that is used to test keyword ideas for traffic potential. Ubersugesst shows, inter alia. at,

  • which top pages rank how strongly for the keyword on Google and in social media,
  • which other relevant keywords are still available and
  • which competition has built the most backlinks and where.

Thanks to the data from Ubersuggest, the creation of blog articles begins with a plan and structure - which will save a lot of time and avoid frustration. After all, articles are a lot of work and publishers want them to be read after all. Beginners, on the other hand, just write straight away and are disappointed when they don't get any results. Be smarter and therefore plan the use of Ubersuggest in the editorial workflow.

tip: Optimize each article for only one keyword, but include secondary keywords in your articles. This increases the chance of being found using secondary search terms.

Benefits of Ubersuggest

  • usable without registration or download
  • visual presentation of numerous results via diagrams
  • provides a lot of helpful information
  • free

Cons of Ubersuggest

  • tends to be too little information in terms of links and onpage
  • Google registration is strongly forced, otherwise only limited usability

# 3 Yoast SEO

Whether landing page, blog article or teaser on the start page: Texts need a thorough SEO check so that the pages and sub-pages can be easily found on Google. The popular SEO tool Yoast analyzes texts around a specified keyword.

These are the important parameters in Yoast SEO:

  • Frequency: How often does the keyword appear?
  • Can the keyword be found in the meta description?
  • Has the keyword been placed in subheadings?

There are numerous other factors such as outbound links to work with.

In the form of traffic light colors, the tool shows how well you have optimized your text for the keyword. Yoast has another important feature: the readability analysis. The tool checks:

  • Reader friendliness
  • Number of passive sentences
  • Distribution of subheadings
  • Heel length
  • Etc.

If both lights are green, the article can be published with a clear conscience. So Yoast helps optimize texts for both the reader and Google.

Benefits of Yoast SEO

  • very extensive, detailed analysis of all parameters
  • precise information on how your own content can be optimized
  • balanced combination of SEO and readability analysis
  • extensive free plugin

Cons of Yoast SEO

  • Possibly too extensive for beginners
  • Danger of sticking to the green traffic light too slavishly: makes sense with SEO, not always with style, if z. B. Technical terms and more complex sentences are (must) used for which Yoast reports orange

Yoast SEO prices

  • Yoast Premium: one-time purchase at a price of 89 euros for a website

Are the website texts optimized? Then it goes on with the image compression.

# 4 Tiny PNG

Images are essential for websites. Best in high resolution to make a professional impression on the visitor. But there is a problem: Razor-sharp images have a large amount of data, especially those from professional image databases. But even if you take photos yourself with standard smartphones or create graphics, the final image files will be several megabytes in size.

This is at the expense of the loading time: The page becomes slower, which has a negative effect on the Google ranking and usability. Such chunks of files also draw data volume, which is annoying for mobile users with a data limit.

Now website owners could manually compress each image in Photoshop or Gimp. Or use Tiny PNG instead: Simply call up the service, upload the desired images and download them again after automatic compression. Tiny PNG can also be used for JPG files. In addition, the service can be installed as a plugin in WordPress.

The compression of Tiny PNG works according to a technology that ensures that the quality of the images is largely retained. To the naked eye, the images do not look any worse after compression. But they load much faster.

Benefits of Tiny PNG

  • easy, quick and effective compression
  • hardly any loss of quality of the images
  • Compression in the free version of up to 20 files possible at once
  • free basic version

Cons of Tiny PNG

  • no German version available
  • In the free version, images may not be larger than 5 MB for upload

Prices from Tiny PNG

  • Pro version: $ 25 per year / per user / 75 MB upload limit per image / analysis tool can be used
  • Free and paid add-ons for content management, development, e-commerce and desktop applications


SEO META in 1 CLICK is a free browser extension for Chrome that checks whether the title description and headings of a text match. And all of this with just one click when surfing with Google's Chrome browser. This is particularly useful when pages are to be checked for these parameters in the frontend.

Advantages of SEO META in 1 CLICK

  • very convenient SEO check via the browser
  • all SEO-relevant main information at a glance
  • housed discreetly in the browser with a button
  • free

Disadvantages of SEO META in 1 CLICK

  • only available for the Chrome browser

# 6 GTmetrix

A short loading time is very important for the success of a website. GTmetrix helps to optimize at this point. The tool is very easy to use: Enter the desired domain in the search box. After a brief analysis, GTmetrix spits out the website's performance results. The tool also shows which technical screws can be turned.

Benefits of GTmetrix

  • very detailed website analysis
  • unites the two services Google PageSpeed other Yahoo! YSlow in itself
  • Performance comparison with and without ads for the website possible
  • Basic version: free of charge, monitoring for up to 3 URLs

Cons of GTmetrix

  • no German version available

GTmetrix Pro pricing

  • Bronze: $ 14.95 / month / monitoring for up to 10 URLs and other features (e.g. developer toolkit and reduced waiting times for analyzes)
  • Silver: $ 49.95 / month / monitoring for up to 20 URLs and other features
  • Gold: $ 149.95 / month / monitoring for up to 50 URLs and other features
  • Custom: individual plan according to your own settings

# 7 Seobility

How is the competition positioned in terms of SEO? With Seobility you can analyze in depth: Scans the entire website, compares Google rankings with the competition, carries out backlink analyzes and uses link building tools. Similar to Ryte, Seobility also has a WDF * IDF tool on board.

Benefits of Seobility

  • German language version and support
  • cheap, fair price model
  • easy to handle, so also suitable for beginners
  • Free basic version / 1 domain included / 1 day waiting time for renewed crawling

Disadvantages of Seobility

Seobility prices

  • Premium: 30 days free of charge, then € 39.90 / month / 3 domains or projects included / no waiting time, more page crawls, external link checks and other features
  • Agency: € 149.90 / month / 15 domains included / no waiting time, more page crawls, external link checks and other features

# 8 Google Search Console

The Google Search Console, which can be used free of charge, comes directly from the house of the search engine giant. That is why there is no getting around one of the best SEO tools. The Google Search Console helps to check rankings and click rates. With the help of the tool, users can find out which search queries led to their own content, how user-friendly content is, etc.

The Search Console can also be used to find duplicate content. This is important because duplicate content on your own website can have a negative impact on the ranking. To do this, go to the “Index Coverage” tab and then to “Excluded” after the analysis. There, Google will show you whether there are any duplicates.

The website can also be tested for toxic links.

Benefits of the Google Search Console

  • usable free of charge
  • direct results from the search engine top dog
  • Keywords can also be checked per page, and rankings for keywords are also visible
  • Sitemap for indexing is easy to submit
  • free

Cons of the Google Search Console

  • for beginners quite tech-heavy and difficult to access
  • Recommendations for action offer scope for (mis) interpretations

# 9 Google Analytics

Of course, you also want to know which content on your website is particularly popular with your target group. This is where Google Analytics helps. The tool shows a lot of important information about this:

  • Clicks on pages and subpages (landing pages, blog articles, etc.)
  • Acquisition: Where do the users come from?
  • Bounce rate: after what time do users leave the website?
  • Behavior flow: How do visitors click through the page or through the various sub-pages?

Benefits of Google Analytics

  • extremely detailed breakdown of the numbers
  • Can be linked to Google Ads
  • free

Cons of Google Analytics

  • Setting up filters is complicated (e.g. to distinguish website visits by employees from external access)
  • Use in compliance with EU data protection regulations is only permitted with a tracking code that has been anonymized by hand

# 10 Majestic

SEO also includes building and regularly checking backlinks. Because the more high-quality websites link to your own page, the greater the trust with Google, which in turn improves the ranking. Majestic provides valuable data on this, including:

  • incoming links from other websites
  • referring domains
  • Languages ​​of the checked backlinks
  • Backlink history

Majestic thus helps to control your off-page optimization and to gather information about the current state of affairs.

Benefits of Majestic

  • German language tool
  • free application with limited results
  • easy analysis without registration
  • very detailed, differentiated and visually clear presentation of the results

Cons of Majestic

  • no on-page analysis
  • Certain terms relating to the key figures are not or only very briefly explained (“Tropical Trust Flow”, “Link Profile”)

Majestic prices

  • Lite: EUR 46.99 / month / 1,000,000 analysis units / 1 user
  • Pro: 94.99 euros / month / 20,000,000 analysis units / 1 user
  • API: 379.99 euros / month / 100,000,000 analysis units / 5 users

# 11 Hotjar

A heat map analysis can be carried out with Hotjar. You are probably familiar with heat maps from advertising or scientific reports: They show where people are looking or clicking on websites. Heatmaps therefore help to understand user behavior even better.

In order for this to work, you have to install a tracking code on your website, which is made available after registration. Over time, Hotjar collects the clicks and scrolling behavior of the users and visualizes them in the corresponding heat maps.

Benefits of Hotjar

  • easily recognizable visual representation of usage behavior
  • ideal tool to optimize the usability of the website
  • easy to use interface

Disadvantages of Hotjar

  • Account registration required for use
  • only available in English

Hotjar prices


  • Basic: free of charge / data collection of 2,000 page views per day
  • Plus: 39 euros / month / data collection of 10,000 page views per day


  • 99 euros / month / 20,000 page views per day
  • 189 euros / month / 50,000 page views per day
  • 289 euros / month / 120,000 page views per day
  • 389 euros / month / 200,000 page views per day


SEO tools with a system: website optimization made easy

Have all SEO tools been used in sequence and the resulting results implemented? Congratulation! Then you have made good progress in your search engine optimization. As in general in the online area, the following applies: stay tuned! Repeat the above steps regularly to keep the ranking consistently high. Because SEO is not a one-time action, but an ongoing process. We wish you every success and perseverance in this.

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