We eat to live

We eat to live

Here is a suggestion with which recipes the GNM package can be optimally used. It is not intended that this suggestion will be worked through on a day-to-day basis, but rather the recipe that has already been used can be ticked off. So you can quickly see if you have already cooked some food for what food is in stock. For that he can 31-day plan can be printed out or downloaded straight to the computer and used there (see instructions)
Please note that bread is calculated with 30 slices in this plan.

There is only food in the plan. Here are some ideas to refine the dishes.


Black tea and soda water are available as drinks from the GNM package.
Apple peel remains with the apple compote and can be made as tea (see recipe apple peel tea).
Kombucha drink is made with a kombucha mushroom and black tea, if you let it steep longer, you get Kobucha vinegar for salad.
Tea herbs that you can collect yourself are: mint, yarrow, dandelion, chamomile, raspberry leaves, blackberry leaves, strawberry leaves, elder flowers….

Edible wild herbs for salads or as a garnish

Garden report, chickweed, shepherd's purse, cresswort, daisies, dead nettles, nettles, dandelions, violets, (sour) clover, sorrel, comfrey, celandine, wild garlic, chicory, garlic mustard, watercress, watercress, ribwort, lady's mantle, rennet, hops Goose fingerweed, creeping günsel, lungwort, wild goat whiskers, field chervil, flower buds of trees, ..

Aromatic herbs

The above herbs are usually also suitable for seasoning. The following are particularly tasty: Gundermann (instead of pepper), yarrow (tart, aromatic), groundgrass (bacon-like taste), Barbarakraut (cress-like, slightly hot), field mustard (mustard-like, slightly hot), chickweed (similar to sweetcorn), Dost (wild oregano), thyme, cloves (like cloves), purslane (a little salty), garlic mustard, ground elder (similar to parsley), ...


Picking fruit on walks (there are abandoned or public fruit trees)
Berries - collect wild strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, cranberries in the forest or on the alpine pastures.

Mushrooms (only collect really known mushrooms!)
Chestnuts (the smaller chestnut we have is also very delicious), hazelnuts, walnuts, ...

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