Who invented the backpack parachute?

Who invented the parachute

Parachute - an invention of André-Jacques Garnerin. Parachutes are primarily there to bring people or objects from the air undamaged to the ground. There are two different types of parachutes: round canopy and wing or parachute parachutes, which basically only differ in appearance.

If they serve a sporting purpose, they are used as air sports equipment and are therefore Jump parachutes. If you use them to rescue a person in shortage of breath, you speak of Rescue parachutes. If goods such as aid packages are carried with these umbrellas, they are considered Cargo parachutes.

Parachute - first records

The Parachute is next to the dragon one of the oldest aviation equipment and has a long history. There are first artistic drawings from the time of Chinese Emperor Fo-Kienon the occasion of his Coronation ceremony (1306) had artists jump from high towers with flying machines. This was for entertainment.

In the 1470s, over a century later, the find becomes one anonymous Italian manuscript listed, the one parachute-like design having. The umbrellas, which until then had seemed amateurish, will be 1483 from one technically more elaborate sketch of the universal genius Leonardo da Vinci trumped him in his Codex Atlanticus presented.

Inspired by Leonardo's designs, the scholar constructed Faust Vrancic also a version of the parachute. Technology historian believe these designs are the Origin of today Round canopy parachute form, especially since 2000 and 2008 parachutists the Functionality demonstrated by Leonardo's pyramidal design.

Parachute - technically mature version

With the leap of the French Louis-Sébastien Lenormand, the 1783 in Montpellier with a self-made parachute from the tower of the Observatory floated, the real began Development history.

The Frenchman André-Jacques Garnerin was the first person who 1797 voluntarily with a parachute from a self-constructed one Hydrogen balloon in 400 meters high jumped and is therefore considered the inventor of the parachute. His was just as committed as Garnerin Wife Jeanne-Geneviève Labrossewho a year later became the first woman to steer a balloon independently. In 1799 she jumped as first female skydiver from a height of 900 meters.

In order to continue to meet the proportion of women, the aviationPioneer Käthe Paulus mentioned in the 19th century collapsible parachute brought into being. Two other key data represent the Invention of the backpack parachute by the Russian Gleb Kotelnikov 1912 as well as the jump of the US Army Captains Albert Berrywho became the first person in the same year to parachute out of a plane crashed.

Skydiving as a hobby and as a sport

In the 50s skydiving developed into one hobby. Since then, adrenaline junkies have dared to jump from dizzying heights. 1960 the American jumped Joseph Kittinger with a special parachute from a balloon in 31,332 meters altitude and landed 9 ½ minutes later. That was the one so far highest parachute jump history.

beginning of 1970s received the first Surface parachutes Moving into the sporting discipline. Bill Booth developed that for it 3-ring systemthat turned parachutes into a safe and reliable construct. A failure of the parachute can now be almost completely ruled out, especially since the technology is now so advanced that material as well as that Well-engineered opening system are.

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