How can you be a network marketer

Personal Branding: Proper self-marketing on the Internet


Once you have decided on your communication channels, you need to maintain them appropriately - your profiles in social media and professional networks should always be up to date. Stay regularactive: Share interesting content (on social media platforms this does not necessarily have to be your own), take part in conversations and make contact - appropriately and authentically - with colleagues in your industry or your target group.

How you should market yourself specifically also determines yours personality. You express your personal characteristics primarily in communication with the target group - you style decides which character traits you convey. Do you want to appear factual, humorous, empathetic, critical, pragmatic or relaxed? Regardless, it's important always professional to occur.

Also from yours previous work conclusions can be drawn about your person: references, project descriptions and work samples serve as an orientation for others about what you have achieved so far. You can link to published items online. If you don't have anything like that at hand, simply describe your previous activities and highlight the special features and positive aspects.

In addition, it makes sense to equip your personal website or blog with special keywords. This can be particularly worthwhile for the self-employed: With good search engine optimization, potential customers who search for a service via Google will get to you faster.