Why is my dog ​​licking his bed linen

My rabbit licks everything!

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my rabbit (male, 4 years old) licks the sofa, including the sofa cushions, the bed linen, my pants and me ... In the past he only licked my hands and "free" areas of skin.
So I'm worried if he might be deficient in salt or something like that.
He's always had a limestone and a salt lick, which he actually uses quite well. He looks awake and - from my point of view - nothing is missing.

I am very worried that something is wrong with him because I no longer find this excessive licking to be normal. His partner doesn't lick around that much.

I would be happy if someone could give me a tip as to why this delicacy could be. I am grateful for any help and advice.
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and here!

As a first important tip I would like to tell you, please remove the lime and salt licks, rabbits do not need them AT ALL, they can even make you sick and damage your teeth. So please get rid of it.

In your profile I see that you have two dwarf rabbits

how else do they live with you, and what do they get for food?
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Hello and welcome here.
I can't tell you what the reason for the treat is ... but I would also be very interested, since our Rudi licks everything off (except bare skin, he doesn't like that ... but otherwise everything, couch, pillow, blanket, Pajamas, now even our sports equipment that we use)
Peppi, on the other hand, only licks bare skin, preferably on the face
I once heard that it should be a sign of affection ... with Peppi that's okay with me ... but does Rudi love our couch ???
Greetings from Sabrina and the two stubborn heads Peppi and Rudi
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Shark !!

Thank you for the answers!!
I will then remove the lick and nibble stones !!

I'll be looking for some pictures soon, but at the moment I have a lot of stress at the university, so that has to wait first !!

In principle, the two of them have the entire balcony (glazed) as an outlet and the living room.
Unfortunately, the two of them have to stay in the stable during the day, as it will surely get too cold for them on the balcony in the long run - despite the glazing. In the evening, as soon as jm. there is, between the balcony and living room whet back and forth - as you like!
In the summer, the two actually spend the whole day and night running freely on the balcony and if so. is there and has time in the living room too.

To eat they get hay and water, as well as fresh stuff like carrots, apples, potatoes, cucumber etc. and every now and then something "exotic" like a piece of banana, grapes, a nut etc.
Since Zyrano is not a "bottle child", they get fresh stuff in the morning and in the evening!
The two of them don't get any grain food, instead they get a crisp bread from time to time, dried bread and small pieces of dried bread as a treat. You can only get treats from the pet shop if there is no sugar or honey etc. in them (at least as far as I can judge or it is written on the contents).
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I couldn't quite make out your answer ... you live on the balcony and walk around in the apartment too? And the stall that you leave closed during the day is outside?

So, rabbits need at least 2 square meters to be available around the clock. A change from inside to outside is very unhealthy because of the temperature difference, it can cause a runny nose, for example. If the "stable" is outside, it is not a good thing that you do not let them run free, especially because of the cold. Rabbits then need space to hobble over.

And as Maren said, there are some things on your menu that are unhealthy for rabbits - rabbits don't need grain, but these are found in crispbread, dried bread, etc. Unfortunately, even treats from the pet store NEVER consist of healthy ingredients. Please leave all of this out, it is harmful.

Under "Nutrition" you will find everything that rabbits are allowed to eat, take a look around there.

Please do not feed potatoes either!
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Thank you for the tips!

Regarding the living situation:
The stable (140 * 80 cm) is in the living room during the winter months (mostly December - February). The balcony is glazed, so that the temperature difference during the day is a maximum of 10 degrees, on average more than 5 degrees. As a matter of principle, we do not heat the apartment because it is warm enough for us even without heating. So I think they can withstand the temperature difference.
If we let them out in the meantime, it is usually open so that they can come in at any time if they want!
So far, the two of them have coped well with it, or they want to get out of their own accord.
I know of course that the stable is too small if you are not allowed out; however it is only for a short time, and in mild winter weather you are outside all day!

For nutrition:
I have the feeling that everyone says something different to you.
I asked the vet about bread, rolls, treats, etc., and he said that it is harmless as long as it is within the limits or that they would also need some grain feed. You don't get it all the time, maybe once a month.
I can of course leave it out!
And with potatoes I only know that green spots and germs have to be cut out, but that rabbits should not get it in principle is also new to me.
I'll have a look at this nutrition page, but I also find it pretty confusing when there are different things on different pages or in books!
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Unfortunately, many vets have no rabbit experience. Grain only makes you fat and sluggish and leads to obesity. If it comes into contact with water, e.g. if the animal has eaten grains and then drinks something, the grain swells and can lead to serious stomach problems.

Unfortunately, if your vet advises you to do this, all I can say is that you should change your vet!

Look here:


About the potatoes: they contain starch that is difficult to digest, what you cut off is even poisonous for rabbits. Please leave them out.
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I know that as well. Nini, in particular, likes to clean the sofa or the carpet under her while I scratch her behind the ears.
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The reason for the licking is that the bunny is spoiling his territory. the rabbit wants to leave its scent with it, so to speak, and a dog pees everywhere, the rabbits just lick everything.

Who is telling such nonsense?

Rabbits don't mark with their tongue and I don't know of any animals that mark their territory with a tongue, but well, the doctor seems to be a very special one, maybe you just didn't get it right

Here you can read why rabbits lick people ...


Mark rabbits, that's right. But they do this with their gland on their chin and not with their tongue.

if you are already reading through and sifting through the articles, then just take a look here


amazingly it is here
> CLICK HERE!< ähnlich="">

You also insist that rabbits are happy when they are kept alone ... not only do we agree, but you can also read it here

then you see that you are pretty much alone with your opinion ...

I just say:

1. One can learn from mistakes!
2. Insight is the best way to get better!

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