What employment opportunities are there for developmental psychologists?

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Psychology is divided into several Sub-areas structured. The General Psychology deals with experience and behavior (learning, memory, language, emotion, motivation). Depending on their theoretical approach, psychologists tend to orientate themselves more towards a scientific or social scientific view of man.


Job characteristics

Psychologists are concerned with the scientific investigation of psychological structures and processes and the research of human behavior as well as with the practical application of the knowledge gained.

Their activities mainly include:

  • Psychological diagnostics with regard to performance, personality traits, behavioral disorders, psychological changes and states of suffering
  • Preparation of certificates, reports and forecasts
  • Treatment for the prevention or rehabilitation of people
  • Advice to individuals or groups
  • Advice to legal persons


The Personality psychology researches and describes individual differences in personality traits. Social psychology studies interactions between individuals and groups.

The Developmental psychology deals with changes in behavior and experience depending on age or stage of life. The Biological Psychology and the Neuropsychology examine the interactions between psychological and physical processes (e.g. in the nervous system).

From the research results, the Applied Psychology developed with its fields, for example:

Industrial, economic and organizational psychology, geriatric psychology, health psychology, child, youth and family psychology, clinical psychology, emergency psychology, educational psychology, forensic or legal psychology, psychotherapy, traffic psychology.

  • Good behaviour
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Good observation
  • Empathy,
  • Mental stability
  • Good language skills


This profession is subject to the regular Compulsory training!

Career opportunities exist in the clinical area, at various advice centers or in research and teaching. Depending on their specialization, psychologists can also find employment in market and opinion research, in management consulting, in adult education, in public administration, with interest groups, in judicial authorities, in associations and organizations.

Sometimes there is a lack of psychologists - due to the growing proportion of foreign students, only a small proportion of whom remain in Austria (see the website www.oegp.net).

The Austrian Academy of Psychology AAP has one on their website Job Market.

Job offers in the "eJob-Room" (Internet job placement service of the AMS):

The following link leads to the inquiry form for the eJob-Room for the professional bundle "Psychologist"the profession "Psychologist" assigned. In the form you can then do that federal state and the workplace and other criteria choose; after a Click on "Next" receive the vacancies.

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A diploma or master’s degree (300 ECTS) is a prerequisite for working as a psychologist. Information on professional training, professional practice and the use of the professional title "Psychologist" can be found in the Psychologist Act in the Austrian legal information system RIS.

After studying psychology there is a Specification through training required! This applies to the different areas of focus, such as sports psychology, health psychology, clinical psychology, traffic psychology or other areas of focus.

There are also cross-divisional Advanced trainingthat can be useful in social affairs, economics and administration; Examples: Emergency psychology as Supervision, mediation and coaching.



Results from the training compass: